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JasmineMikanJasmine (Pokémon)
The Steel-Clad Defense Girl
15 years old15 years old
Light SiennaLight Sienna
Gym Leader of Olivine CityGym Leader of Olivine City
Yumi Kakazu

Character Description: Jasmine

Jasmine is a calm natured gym leader but is probably one of toughest to beat of them all, because she uses Steel Types as a team. She seems to love animals, and got really upset when her Ampharos got sick. The upset gym leader from that day on did not take any challenges until her Pokemon got better. Ash and company luckily saved themselves a trip to Cianwood City to retrieve the medicine for Amphy. Jasmine felt better,and therefore scheduled to battle Ash on his next visit to the Olivine City gym.

The name "Jasmine" literally translates to "sweet smelling flower" (her sweet side) and also is the name of a mineral (recognition of her battle style). Her distinctive features are that of her two pigtails pointing upward and wears a traditional Greek outfit to match her style. Jasmine is said to have trained in Rock Pokemon way before she was into Steel Types (note this is believed due to her signature Pokemon, Steelix's pre-evolutionary form). Jasmine is a very shy girl, and has trouble speaking to those she doesn't know. Once you get to know her, though, that's a diffrent story. Her gym is famous for being the most simply designed.

In the manga, Jasmine was caught in an earthquake and her only chance of survival was to climb the Tin Tower of Ecruteak City. However, she collapses and ends up getting fought over by Gold (aka Yoshi) although Kamon (Silver aka G/S/C rival) had already rescued her. In the gym leader showdown, Jasmine fights against Brock.

Character Description: Jasmine

Jasmine is the sweet Olivine City Gym Leader. Her specialty is Steel-type Pokemon (the types of Pokemon with the highest defense stat). She will reward trainers who defeat her with the Mineral Badge. Her English name refers to a sweet smelling flower (the sweet side of Jasmine) and it also is a mineral (her battle style).

In the anime, Jasmine ran a lighthouse in Olivine City. She used Ampharos to light her back to shore. It became ill afterwards. She then asked Ash and company to fetch her medicine in Cianwood City. Due to Ampharo's illness, Jasmine was taking no more challengers for some time. Several weeks later, Ash returns from the Whirl Islands to challenge Jasmine. Her Steelix seemed impossible to beat, until he gets the idea of Fire's advantage over Steel. He defeats Jasmine's Steelix with Cyndaquil.

Jasmine trains the recently discovered Steel types, but she used to train Rock types, like Onix. Jasmine is a very shy girl, and has trouble speaking. She is a compassionate person, and when Amphy (Ampharos) went ill, she is so worried she can't even smile. The two seem to be close.

Jasmine was caught in an earthquake caused by Team Rocket in the manga. Her Togetics are the parents of Gold's (Yoshi) Togepi.

Jasmine is always seen in Greek-like clothes. She is always seen with her trademark Magnemite.

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