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KamonKamonKamon (Pokémon)
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11 years old11 years old
Yoshi and Dani's RivalYoshi and Dani's Rival

Character Description: Kamon

Silver's a guy who's always searching for a fight. That's how he ended up being Yoshi and Dani's rival. His lack of kindness and bad mood has gotten him a bad reputation.

In the manga, he is an orphan who doesn't know his birthday or hometown. Raised by the Mask of Ice, he was one of the six children given special attention by the evil being. His father is Giovanni.

He seems to have a crush on Blue, and she seems to feel the same for him seeing as to how much she flirts with him.

Character Description: Kamon

Kamon is a guy you wouldn't want to mess around with. He has an attitude way above fire level and will pick a fight with anyone, anytime. He happens to be the red headed rival of Yoshi and Dani, and yes my friends, he makes an anime appearence. He is an equal with Gary Oak.

Kamon is a harsh boy who doesn't show care for anyone. The one exception we can make is in the manga, where he had a close companion named Blue. Blue is as spunky and harsh as he is, but in reality, she cared alot for Kamon. Kamon also shared the same feelings for her, therefore, causing a bond between the two. Kamon is, despite the fact he cares about (therefore loves) Blue, he remains a silent and harsh boy to everyone.

His father is Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket. This is confirmed in the game FR/LF's fame Checker, for it says he had a red headed child. Plus, their attitudes seem to match comfirmably.

Kamon serves as the G/S/C player's rival. In the manga, he and Blue actually stole Pokemon, a Totodile (Kamon), and Squirtle (Blue). In the game, he steals the Pokemon with a bigger advantage, so that depends on your starter. He and Blue are in fact thieves.

Kamon does have a soft spot, so he isn't totally the mean and nasty rival you would expect. In Olivine City, he was volenteering to save Jasmine from the abandened tower and in the FR/LF series, he made and or bought his beloved Blue's new outfit (as we know her today as the female protoganist in FR/LF). Kamon can be nice but only to those who are dearest to him.

Kamon's appearence in the anime is pretty brief, almost like Brendan Birch's, but at least we see him battle Yoshi. All I know is that he has a Nidoking on his team, but others are unknown.

Kamon's name in the manga is Silver, and was given to him specifaclly by Blue. The name refers to the color of his eyes, also representing the Silver version of the Pokemon game. Kamon wants nothing but to get rid of all the weak trainers in the world (that's really cold) and lacks love for his Pokemon (now that's even colder). Until then, Kamon will remain Dani and Yoshi's rival - for life.

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