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Character Profile: Lance

USA Info
Japanese Info
Lance Wataru Lance (Pokémon)
Dragon Master  
Human Human
Male Male
Red Red
"It's time to put the peddle to the metal!"  
Wayne Grayson  
Episode 235: "Talkin Bout An Evolution" Episode 235: "Talkin Bout An Evolution"
Pokémon Pokémon

Character Description: Lance

Lance, also known as Wataru in Japanese, is the head of Pokemon G-Men. He's also considered as one of the most powerful trainers in the world. Lance's first appearance in the anime is Episode 235 (Johto region), Talkin Bout An Evolution. This was also his first meeting with Ash, the main character of Pokemon.

In his first appearance, Lance helped Ash from Team Rocket with his Dragonite. Then, he asked Ash to help him to finish the problem that caused by Team Rocket about Red Gyarados. After that, he disguised himself by wearing a set of Team Rocket's uniform he got from a Grunt.

Ash and his friends were caught by Team Rocket, and in the next episode, they tried to escape from Team Rocket. But as we usually see in the anime, Jessie, James, and Meowth tried to stop his action. When Jessie's Arbok was about to hit Ash, Lance came with his Dragonite and opened his disguise. Then, together they managed to finish the Red Gyarados problem and at the end of the episode, the Gyarados was caught by Lance.

Lance also appeared in Pokemon Movie about Groudon and Kyogre. He was the person who calmed down the two legendary Pokemon. He also disguised in the movie, but this time he used a Team Magma uniform.

Lance has a cousin who is the gym leader of Blackthorn City, Clair. He was said as the only person who can beat Clair. Also, as a member of dragon clan, both of them always use capes. Lance with his black cape, while Clair with her blue cape. His cape has made a girl, known as Marina, got crazy of him. Marina was said to be one of Lance's fanatic fans, she has a notebook full of his pictures and that's only because he wears cape!

Lance is also known as one of the Elite Four. It was said that he's the leader of the Elite Four. I found some sites that also added that Lance has close relationship with one of the Kanto Elite Four: Lorelei, which uses ice-type Pokemon. Some of those sites said that Lorelei is Lance's wife but whether this info's right or wrong I don't know.

Character Description: Lance

Lance meets Ash during Team Rocket's plan to steal the Red Gyrados from the Lake of Rage in Pokemon Master Quest. Lance had dressed up as a member of Team Rocket in an attempt to save The Red Gyrados.

Lance is part of The elite 4, and not a member of Team Rocket. He is also the Pokemon G-man.

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