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Character Profile: Squirtle

USA Info
Japanese Info
Squirtle Zenigame Squirtle (Pokémon)
Tiny Turtle Pokemon Tiny Turtle Pokemon
Water Pokemon Water Pokemon
Male Male
None None
Red Red
1'8" 51 cm
19.8 lbs. 9 kg
Squirtle Squad Leader Squirtle Squad Leader
"Squirtle!" "Squirtle!"
Eric Stuart Rikako Aikawa
Pokemon Pokemon
Pokémon Pokémon

Character Description: Squirtle

Squirtle is a small and cute-looking water Pokemon that has an appearance of a turtle. Squirtle was once the leader of the Squirtle Squad, a group of mischievous Squirtle who would go around getting into trouble around many different towns. In the first season, Squirtle met Ash, Pikachu, Misty, and Brock by setting a trap and having them fall into it. Ash saved Squirtle when Team Rocket tried to capture him and Pikachu, and at one point, the entire Squirtle Squad used their Water Gun attacks to put out a fire causing them to become heroic firemen. Squirtle decided to go along with Ash on his journey and since then, he's been helping Ash in a lot of battles and tight spots.

In the anime and video games, Squirtle is one of the three starter Pokemon along with Bulbasaur, a Grass-type, and Charmander, a Fire-type that new Pokemon trainers can choose from. Even though Squirtle doesn't evolve in the anime, in general, he evolves into Wartortle, medium-sized turtle Pokemon with ears popping out of his head that makes him look like an older version of Squirtle, at level 16. He then evolves again into Blastoise, a large Pokemon with cannons hidden inside the shell, at level 36. Memorable Water-type attacks that Squirtle knows and learns while on his journey with Ash are Bubble, Water Gun, and Hydro Pump.

At one point in the third season, Squirtle left Ash and rejoined the Squirtle Squad. Ash had a hard time watching Squirtle leave, but Bulbasaur was probably the one who suffered the most, being that Squirtle and Bulbasaur were best friends. That wasn't the end of Squirtle, though.

In season 8, Professor Oak gave May a little baby Squirtle to train with on her journey. As of then, May has been entering Squirtle in Pokemon contests and using him to battle against Team Rocket a few times. Probably one of May's Squirtle's biggest comebacks was when he was in a contest against Harley's Ariados. Squirtle was caught in Ariados's Spider Web, but used Ice Beam to freeze up the web and break through. Squirtle then won the battle and May won the contest.

Currently, Ash's Squirtle is back with the Squirtle Squad, May's Squirtle is entering contests, and he's also currently my starter in Pokemon LeafGreen version.

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