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Character Profile: Whitney

USA Info
Japanese Info
Whitney Akane Whitney (Pokémon)
"The Prettiest Girl in The World" The Incredibly Kawaii Shojo
Human Human
Female Female
13-15 years old 13-15 years old
Pink Pink
Goldenrod City Gym Leader Goldenrod City Gym Leader
"Just follow me to through the automatic doors... *BAM* Oops, I guess they aren't automatic..."  
Megan Hollingshead  
Pokémon Pokémon

Character Description: Whitney

Whitney, Whitney, Whitney. This pretty and pink gym leader is one of the most impish and ditzy of them all. Her impishness has lead to some very annoying tantrums (believe me, if you were a trainer, she would remind you of your little sister!) Her specialty is Normal type Pokemon. The funny thing is, all of her Pokemon in the game are pink, and seeing all the pink she has on her will give you a "pink eye".

Whitney, in the anime, lives in a house ranch of Miltank with her uncle. When Ash arrived in Goldenrod City, Whitney thought of the doors of her gym as "automatic" and since they weren't, Ash and company got a real hit in the face. Also, in the anime, Ash struggles to defeat Whitney's Miltank using an attack called Rollout. But after Team Rocket's rolling machine got destroyed by the many open spaces in the floor, Ash got an idea of how to defeat Miltank. Whitney proudly awards Ash the Plain Badge, and another victory goes to Ash.

But in the game, she isn't the easy person you'd think she is...

Players who fight her in the game have to go through all these Attract Attacks, the attack that immobilizes you due to infatuation. But the player who beats Whitney in a gym match is in for one of her many tantrums of losing. It isn't until the lass next to her calms her down and THEN you get the badge.

Overall, though a crybaby leader, Whitney is funny, sweet, kind and very, very dangerous if not careful.

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