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MannenMannen (万年)Mannen (Pretear)
Leafe Knight of IceLiefe Knight of Ice
10 years old (born November 27)10 years old (born November 27)
Ice BlueIce Blue
Sea BlueSea Blue
Liefe KnightLiefe Knight
"I'm NOT A KID!""I'm NOT A KID!"
Greg AyresAkiko Yajima
PretearShin Shirayukihime Densetsu Pretear

Character Description: Mannen

Mannen is the Liefe Knight of Ice, and oldest of the three kids (making him leader of the smallest trio). Even though he is only ten, he always tries his hardest to be like the adults, leading Hajime and Shin to find Himeno, always wanting to pret and get involved. This also means that in fights, he rushes in and gets very over-confident. Though he is still a bit of an immature brat and picks on Shin a lot, calling him a baby and shouting "Baby! Men don't cry!"

He always wants to guard Himeno and protect her, thinking of her as an older sister (he calls her Nee-chan in the Japanese). When he was on guard duty, he falls asleep in her room and whispers in his sleep "I'll protect you, Himeno..." and when Sasame finds this out with Himeno and Hayate both missing, he wakes up Mannen straight away, demanding to know where she is.

He gets a lot of criticism for Goh and Kei. Kei ignores him a lot, which makes Mannen tell him "Maybe you're the real Liefe Knight of Ice" for a good reason. Goh only thinks of Mannen as a little brother inwardly, but doesn't let it show by always shouting at him and treating him like a little brat by occasionally punching him and punishing him badly.

Really, Mannen just wants to be grown up and treated fairly and be respected by the oldest knights. He's like a model for Shin and Hajime (though this might not be the best thing). His Liefe Knight attack is "Arcubus of Ice!" when preted with Himeno.

Character Description: Mannen

Mannen is the Knight of Ice, and the biggest show-off of all the knights. He is very confident in himself, and also very courageous. He runs into battles before anybody else, which leads to problems. He controls ice, and is very easily angered.

He is the self-proclaimed leader of the three youngest Knights- Shin, Hajime and himself. He yells at the younger knights constantly, and gets in many arguments with Hayate.

Mannen is always looking for a chance to prove that he can beat one of the demon larva on his own. He often appears with Hajime and Shin, and bosses them around and yells at them a lot. But he's usually the one to get yelled at by the older Knights for messing around or not listening.

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