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TakakoTakakoTakako (Pretear)
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Fenrir, Princess of DisasterFenrir, Princess of Disaster
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Pretear (in the past)Pretear (in the past)
Human(See below)Human(See below)
30 years old30 years old
Black(Short as Mikage, long as Fenrir)Black(Short as Mikage, long as Fenrir)
Princess of DisasterPrincess of Disaster
"At this point, you cannot hope to beat me. But if you still want to oppose me PREPARE TO DIE!""At this point, you cannot hope to beat me. But if you still want to oppose me PREPARE TO DIE!"
Kaytha Coker (as Mikage, might be the same for Takako)Yui Horie (as Mikage, might be different for Takako)
PretearShin Shirayukihime Densetsu Pretear

Character Description: Takako

Sixteen years ago, Takako was sitting on a bench reading a book, when she was approached by the Liefe Knights to save the world from the Princess of Disaster. She fought by their side, but at the same time, fought a demon in her heart known as fear. She'd cry and have breakdowns, but Hayate, the Knight of Wind, would be kind to her and offer her support, while Sasame watched silently. Slowly, she'd get stronger and braver, not longer feeling scared.

In the end, when she watched a marriage at the church, she admitted her love to Hayate and he rejected her, because he couldn't return her feelings. She continued at it telling him she only wanted him, and she fought for him alone. He still rejected, and she cried inside the church. That was when she turned into Fenrir, the Princess of Disaster.

Fenrir is a demon, who was once a Pretear. When a Pretear's emotions turn to the negative like Takako's did, they turn into Princesses of Disaster. Takako wants revenge on Hayate for sixteen years ago, and also wants to kill Himeno, feeling she is only a stupid woman and not good enough to be Pretear. She can control Demon Larvae and create them. Fenrir also uses Mawata as her Puppet of Darkness for power and energy, using her self-depression against her.

When not fighting against the Knights, she disguises herself as Mikage, one of the maids at the Awayuki Mansion. She is very sweet to Himeno and kind to her, giving her lot's of support. But she can't disguise herself any longer when Sasame recognizes her, and shouts loudly 'Takako!' through the hallways, alerting the Knights and Himeno.

Close to the end, Sasame admits how much he loved Takako, and how he always watched her, hoping she'd love him in return. He offers to join her side, if she won't become good again. At first, she rejects by wounding him and disappearing, then she finds him again and tells him that if he truly loves her, he'll kill Hayate. He accepts, and the two Knights fight. But Takako changes her mind and takes Sasame anyway, and he becomes her loyal Knight of Darkness, with Hayate still alive.

In the final episode, Takako is returned to her human form when Sasame makes her truly happy, then sacrifices himself for her. She is seen standing beside Sasame.

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