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Ryo-OhkiRyo-OhkiRyo-Ohki (Magical Girl Pretty Sammy)
Cabbit (can become 10 year-old boy)Cabbit (can become 10 year-old boy)
Brown (fur)Brown (fur)
Aide to Pretty SammyAide to Pretty Sammy
"That's the girl alright. She may not be much, but I have to report what I found."
Debi Derryberry (also credited as Marie Cabbit)Etsuko Kozakura
Magical Girl Pretty SammyMahou Shoujo Pretty Sammy

Character Description: Ryo-Ohki

Ryo-Ohki Ryo-Ohki was assigned by Tsunami to aid Sasami, a.k.a. Pretty Sammy, into building a much happier world. He has an uphill battle, though... Sasami's not exactly happy about being a magical girl in the first place, however he's there to smooth out the rough spots.

Despite his looks, Ryo-Ohki CAN talk. However, he only talks in Sasami's presence. Otherwise, he meows just like a cat. Chihiro and Tenchi don't seem to mind Ryo-Ohki being around Sasami. To them, he's a very unusual cat.

There is another reason why Ryo-Ohki is helping Sasami... his tribe in Juraihelm is very powerful magically. And with the lack of magical energy on Earth, Tsunami wanted to give Sasami every advantage she could have. So if Pretty Sammy needs any addition magical energy, Ryo-Ohki can provide it.

This came in handy when Sammy had to face the alien Hiroshi, who had stolen Ramia's memories and was now threatening Sammy and Earth. Hiroshi had already defeated Makoto Mizutani, and that enraged Ryo-Ohki such that he had transformed in his humanoid form, which was that of a 10 year-old boy. Ryo-Ohki had fallen in love with Sasami at that time, so he gave the unconscious girl the energy she needed with a kiss. Sammy never knew the boy she had seen when she woke up was Ryo-Ohki, though... and Ryo-Ohki was too embarrassed to tell her after the battle.

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