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Japanese Info
Sasami KawaiSasami KawaiSasami Kawai (Magical Girl Pretty Sammy)
Magical Girl Pretty SammyMahou Shoujo Pretty Sammy
10 years old10 years old
Electric blueElectric blue
Sherry Lynn (also credited as Katie Ashley)Chisa Yokoyama
Magical Girl Pretty SammyMahou Shoujo Pretty Sammy
See Also
Sasami Jurai (from Tench Muyo! Ryo-Ohki)Sasami Jurai (from Tench Muyo! Ryo-Ohki)

Character Description: Sasami Kawai

Sasami Kawai never wanted to be a magical girl in the first place (she also doesn't like her freckles). She was perfectly happy being a normal 10 year-old girl, although it meant having to deal with a somewhat dippy mother and a brother that was totally indecisive. She also had as a friend a girl named Misao Amano.

Then one day, her mother, Chihiro, asked her to take a Mozart CD to an abandoned mansion. Chihiro would've taken it herself but she was too scared to approach the mansion (but she can send her daughter... GEEZ!). So Sasami had walked to the mansion.

A strange thing happened when she arrived: the dust and cobwebs were somehow cleaned out and the house made presentable. It was then when Sasami had met Tsunami, who had kindly tasked her to be a magical girl, to make the world a happier place. To help her, she had assigned Ryo-Ohki, who would be able to give Sasami a magical baton, in which with the incantation, "Pretty Mutation, Magical Recall", Sasami would be transformed into Magical Girl Pretty Sammy. Tsunami then left Sasami to her task... without paying for the CD!

And ever since then, Sasami's life had been turned upside-down. It so happened that Tsunami's rival, Ramia, had also enlisted a magical girl of her own... and it was Sasami's friend Misao, who was made into Pixy Misa against her will. And then Misa would create Love-Love monsters to cause chaos on Earth, for which Sammy would have to fix everything. She doesn't even dare to tell Chihiro or her brother, Tenchi, what she is... mostly because she would die from the embarrassment of it all.

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