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Anime Profile: Prince of Tennis

USA Info
Japanese Info
Prince of Tennis Tennis no Oujisama Prince of Tennis
? TV episodes 178 TV episodes(22 minutes each)
December 23, 2006(TV) Oct 10, 2001–Mar 20, 2005
Viz Media, Salami Studios Tran Arts Co.(animation production), TV Tokyo(broadcaster), JC Staff(production), NAS(production), Production IG(production)
  Konomi Takeshi
  Takayuki Hamana
Comedy, Sports, Drama Comedy, Sports, Drama
Akaya Kirihara Akaya Kirihara
· · ·
Akira Kamio Akira Kamio
· · ·
An Tachibana An Tachibana
· · ·
Choutarou Ohtori Choutarou Ohtori
· · ·
Eiji Kikumaru Eiji Kikumaru
· · ·
Genichirou Sanada Genichirou Sanada
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Anime Characters: Prince of Tennis

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akaya Kirihara Akaya Kirihara Hiroshi Yagyuu Hiroshi Yagyuu
Akira Kamio Akira Kamio Inakichi Nitobe Inakichi Nitobe
An Tachibana An Tachibana Inoue Inoue
Choutarou Ohtori Choutarou Ohtori Jackal Kuwahara Jackal Kuwahara
Eiji Kikumaru Eiji Kikumaru Kaoru Kaidoh Kaoru Kaidoh
Genichirou Sanada Genichirou Sanada Karupin Karupin
Hajime Mizuki Hajime Mizuki Katsuo Mizuno Katsuo Mizuno
Keigo Atobe Keigo Atobe Kentarou Minami Kentarou Minami
Ryoga Echizen Ryoga Echizen Kimyoshi Fukawa Kimyoshi Fukawa
Ryoma Echizen Ryouma Echizen Kiyosumi Sengoku Kiyosumi Sengoku
Sadaharu Inui Sadaharu Inui Kouhei Tanaka Kouhei Tanaka
Sakuno Ryuuzaki Sakuno Ryuuzaki Koujirou Saeki Koujirou Saeki
Shinji Ibu Shinji Ibu Kyousuke Uchimura Kyousuke Uchimura
Syusuke Fuji Syusuke Fuji Masaya Sakurai Masaya Sakurai
Takashi Kawamura Takashi Kawamura Michael Lee Michael Lee
Takeshi Momoshiro Takeshi Momoshiro Renji Yanagi Renji Yanagi
Tezuka Kunimitsu Tezuka Kunimitsu Senpai Senpai
Yuuta Fuji Yuuta Fuji Shuichiro Oishi Syuichirou Ooishi
Aoi Hanamura Aoi Hanamura Takahisa Kajimoto Takahisa Kajimoto
Banda Mikiya Banda Mikiya Taro Sakaki Taro Sakaki
Bobby Max Bobby Max Terry Griffin Terry Griffin
Bunta Marui Bunta Marui Tom Griffy Tom Griffy
Captain Yamato Captain Yamato Tomoka Tomoka
Daichi Kiriyama Daichi Kiriyama Wakashi Hiyoshi Wakashi Hiyoshi
Harukaze Kurubane Harukaze Kurubane Yoshirou Akazawa Yoshirou Akazawa
Hikaru Amane Hikaru Amane Youhei Tanaka Youhei Tanaka
Hiroshi Wakato Hiroshi Wakato Yuushi Oshitari Yuushi Oshitari

Anime Description: Prince of Tennis

Seishun Gakuen Middle School (or Seigaku for short) had a tradition to not take first year students as regulars until after the summer. Then came Ryoma, a genius first year student, son of a world famous pro!

Beating a few older students with amazing tennis moves, Ryoma won a seat in the Seigaku regular team! The team's dream is to go to the All Japan Tournament and, of course, win!!

The team has a wide variety of players; from tennis prodigy Fuji, to hyper, acrobatic Eiji, to calculating Inui. All of them have cool moves and, of course, are unbelievably good at tennis! (Most of the guys are really cute too!)

This sports anime is a blend of sports, comedy and maybe a bit of romance. The many amazing matches are punctuated with side-splitting laughter! A lot of it is because of Inui's evil veggie/anything else juice, called "Inui's Special Vegetable Extract Juice" (and he has others, like "Inui's Special Golden Power Remix", "Blue Juice", "Red Juice", and "Hyper Penal Tea"). And of course Ryoma has his own mini fan club and a shy little girl that has a crush on him.

Pick up your racket and watch Prince of Tennis!

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