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Character Profile: Akaya Kirihara

USA Info
Japanese Info
Akaya Kirihara Akaya Kirihara(切原 赤也) Akaya Kirihara (Prince of Tennis)
Human Human
Male Male
13 years old 13 years old
Black Black
Green(red when he's in his devilish form) Green(red when he's in his devilish form)
5'7" 170 cm
120 lbs 54.4 kg
Type O Type O
Rikkaidai regular Rikkaidai regular
"You're worth crushing" "I'm not the same person I was before"
Episode 49 Episode 49
Prince of Tennis Tennis no Ojisama

Character Description: Akaya Kirihara

Kirihara is a second-year regular at Rikkaidai Jr. High. He had a habit of injuring his tennis opponents by hitting them in them in their body (mainly in the knee). He had a match with captain Tachibana of Fudomine, but easily won because he hurt Tachibana's ankle. When he had his match against Fuji he also hurt him by hitting the tennis ball to Fuji's chest and knee multiple times. But in the end Fuji won because of anger.

Kirihara changed his ways after realizing how evil he was. However, at the tennis camp, he was fell down the stairs when leaned back to avoid being slapped by Ann Tachibana (because he said something mean to her about her brother). He still uses his "devil form" in matches, but he doesn't injure anybody anymore.

Okay, well maybe not completely. In truth, after the Senbatsu arc, Kirihara returns to being the same as before. In the OVA's he gets major pissed at some English speaking opponents and ends up going full out devil mode. We're talking white hair red skin and of course the red eyes. Turns out some of the other Rikkai dudes lost on purpose so that he would do that. And in his final match (doubles: him and Renji vs. InuiKaidoh pair) he goes red mode again (even causing Kaidoh to go Devil Mode) and they win due to Sadaharu Inui losing consciousness.

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