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Character Profile: Sadaharu Inui

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sadaharu Inui Sadaharu Inui Sadaharu Inui (Prince of Tennis)
  Inui 'Robo' Upperclassman
Human Human
Male Male
About 14-15 years old(born June 3) About 14-15 years old(born June 3)
Black Black
Green Green
6'0" 184 cm
Type AB Type AB
Seigaku Regular/Team Manager Seigaku Regular/Team Manager
  I'm just here to take data.
  Kenjiro Tsuda
Prince of Tennis Tennis no Ojisama

Character Description: Sadaharu Inui

Sadaharu Inui is a 9th grader at Seishun Academy Junior High in class 11. He's the brain of the tennis team for his data tennis. He's all data and probability hence his quote. This upperclassman gathers as much information as he can about each player on the team and collects them in his Data Notebook. He is known as the data tennis man.

After losing in the Regular selection matches (mostly due to Ryoma's appearance), he lost his spot as a regular and therefore, Coach Ryuzaki 'recruited' him as team manager for the first 50 episodes or so.

Sadaharu is right-handed and his favorite color is black. His favorite food is unknown so far but his teammates {mainly Momo and Kikumaru) guess a few ideas. Momo thinks it's Durian while Kikumaru confirms he saw Inui eating spaghetti. Sadaharu Inui loves to make players drink his infamous (vile) vegetable extract. It's utterly disgusting and many fear the drink. He's made: vegetable extracts, and also through his amusements, a drink he named 'Penal-tea'.

His best move is Disagreeable Data Tennis and his teammates scribbled in his (top secret!) notebook: Speed Serve? His favorite brand of shoes is Puma and the racket he uses is Prince.

Character Description: Sadaharu Inui

The brain behind Seigaku's team. He takes data for all the games, including personal data for his rivals along with teammates. He's formerly known as Seigaku number 3 (right behind Fuji and Tezuka) - the data tennis man. But after losing to Ryoma in the ranking matches, he became their manager for the first 50 episodes or so.

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