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Character Profile: Takeshi Momoshiro

USA Info
Japanese Info
Takeshi Momoshiro Takeshi Momoshiro Takeshi Momoshiro (Prince of Tennis)
  Momo(Short for Momoshiro)
Human Human
Male Male
About 13-14 years old(born July 23) About 13-14 years old(born July 23)
Dark blue Dark blue
Brown Brown
5'5" 170 cm
Type O Type O
Seigaku Regular Seigaku Regular
  "I prefer to be liked by many"(girls)
  Onosaka Masaya
Prince of Tennis Tennis no Ojisama

Character Description: Takeshi Momoshiro

Takeshi Momoshiro attends Seishun Academy Junior High as an 8th grader in class 8, plus he's one of Seigaku's tennis team regulars. He's the first regular to meet Ryoma in the series and his first opinion on the boy is that Ryoma's a 'smart-ass'.

He prefers to be called 'Momo-chan' such as his alias, Momo. His Dunk Smash is beyond normal junior high tennis level and so forth, is the power house of the team. He plays tennis through the use of his strength and hits really powerful balls.

Momo is right-handed and his favorite color is red. His favorite food would be Shrimp Cutlet Burger and Very Berry Coco Parfait. His hobbies and pastimes are listening to music and playing sensory games. In the tennis team, Takeshi's known for his best shot: Dunk Smash. His favorite brand of shoes is Puma and the racket brand he uses is Mizuno.

Included in the notes of Sadaharu Inui, he's seen as a mischievous person....

Character Description: Takeshi Momoshiro

Takeshi is an 8th grader at Seigaku and is one of the starters on the Tennis Team. His special skill is the Dunk Smash and is a really powerful hitter. At the beginning, when Ryoma first arrive at Seigaku; Momoshiro played against him, even though he had an injured leg, and lost. He is one of the first ones to meet Ryoma and soon both become good friends.

Momo and Ryoma play together in a doubles match against an a rivaling school that almost ended badly and was punished by their coach afterwards and both decided that they shouldn't play doubles together anymore.

Momoshiro and Kaoru are eternal rivals, and constantly try to out-do each other. Surprisingly enough, this makes them efficient as a doubles pair, because the two rivals know each other so well.

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