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Princess NinePrincess Nine Kisaragi Joshi Kou Yakyuu-Bu ("Princess Nine: Kisaragi Girls' High School Baseball Team") (プリンセスナイン)Princess Nine
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Princess Nine: Kisaragi Girls' High School Baseball Team
26 TV episodes (on DVD)26 TV episodes
October 23, 2001April 8, 1998–Oct 14, 1998
ADV FilmsPheonix Ent/NHK/Nep21
Kensei Date
Tomomi Mochizuki
Drama, SportsDrama, Sports
Hikaru YoshimotoHikaru Yoshimoto
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Hiroki TakasugiHiroki Takasugi
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Izumi HimuroIzumi Himuro
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Description: Princess Nine

Who said girls can't play sports? The Kisaragi Girls' Baseball team is showing you all wrong! An all-girls team wanting to play in the national boys high school tornament in Koshien Stadium. With Ryo Hayakawa leading as their pitcher they try to earn the respect of the men as they make their way into the league! That is saying, of course, if their coach Shinsaku isn't drunk at every game, and if the girls set aside their differences and work together as a team.

Also known as 'The Princesses' the girls try to fight their way through a male-dominated sport, showing them girls can play just as well as guys! (Not to mention using a few female advantages.) Look out Koshien, here come the Princess Nine!

Description: Princess Nine

Who said girls can't play sports? The 'Princess Nine' will show you wrong! With gender discriminations, and stereo-typing, the Kisaragi Girls’ Baseball team will beat even your toughest opponents! With their star pitcher, Ryo Hayakawa, the girls will show all you baseball fans that girls can kick butt too!

But every player has their own story. And not all the players get along. Not to mention the bitter rivalry and bickering. Will the girls be the first girl team to make it to Koshien? Or will fighting, distractions, and love interests get in the way?

Watch out for this action packed anime, filling the souls of the sports maniacs and die-heart romantics.

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