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Japanese Info
Princess PrincessPurinsesu PurinsesuPrincess Princess
12 TV episodes12 TV episodes
April 5, 2006–June 21, 2006
TV Asahi, Hi-Vision
Mikiyo Tsuda
Keitaro Motonaga
Comedy, RomanceComedy, Romance
Akira Sakamoto Akira Sakamoto
· · ·
Harumi Sakamoto Harumi Sakamoto
· · ·
Kaoru Natashou Kaoru Natashou
· · ·
Makoto Yutaka Makoto Yutaka
· · ·
Masayuki Koshino Masayuki Koshino
· · ·
Megumi Yoshikawa Megumi Yoshikawa
· · ·
Mikoto Yutaka Mikoto Yutaka
· · ·
Ryūsaki Ryūsaki
· · ·
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Characters: Princess Princess

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akira Sakamoto Akira Sakamoto Sayaka Kouno Sayaka Kouno
Harumi Sakamoto Harumi Sakamoto Shinnosuke Shihoudani Shinnosuke Shihoudani
Kaoru Natashou Kaoru Natashou Shūya Arisada Shūya Arisada
Makoto Yutaka Makoto Yutaka Takahiro Tadasu Takahiro Tadasu
Masayuki Koshino Masayuki Koshino Tōru Kouno Tōru Kouno
Megumi Yoshikawa Megumi Yoshikawa Wataru Harue Wataru Harue
Mikoto Yutaka Mikoto Yutaka Yūjirou Shihoudani Yūjirou Shihoudani
Ryūsaki Ryūsaki

Description: Princess Princess

Princess Princess is based on a manga of the same name.

The main character is Toru Kouno. He transfers to an all boys school so he won't be a burden to his uncle, who had adopted him after his parents died. When he first arrives, everyone keeps commenting on his beauty. He's weirded out by this until he hears about the princess system. It's where boys dress up as girls. It's to liven up the dull life of an all boys' school.

Not everyone can be a princess though. It must be a first year student because they have more free time from studies, their bodies haven't fully developed yet, and it's easier to dress them up in girls' clothes. From all the first-years, only the ones with the best looks and most suited personalities are chosen to be princesses.

Their duties are to wear girls' clothing to morning meetings or school events, to encourage others at school, and cheering at school events.

There are some luxuries. When there's a conflict between a princess' work and school class, absence from class or leaving early can be considered as school vacation. It wouldn't show up on their attendance record. Every month they receive 30 school lunch vouchers. Therefore, when they eat at school, they don't have to pay. All necessary school supplies are all covered by the princess budget. The photography club takes pictures of the princesses and sell them to other students. For being the model of the photographs, they receive partial profit for pocket money.

Toru meets the fellow princesses, Yujirou and Mikoto, who becomes his closest friends, along with Akira, who is to be the next president of the student council.

Description: Princess Princess

Tooru Kouno, an orphan taken in my his uncle, decides to transfer to Fujimori High school, so he would not be a burden to him. When he arrives, Tooru is surprised to see a pink-haired girl near the entrance, considering Fujimori is an all boys school. The "girl" Tooru met, was actually a boy disguised as a girl.

At Fujimori high, they have something known as the "Hime (Princess) System", which they use to enrich the dull lives of the boys at the school. Only beautiful first years may become a princess because their bodies are not fully developed and are easier to dress as girls.

Tooru accepts the job as a Hime, and now joins Mikoto Yukata, the Western princess, and the pink haired "girl he saw, and Yuujirou Shihoudani, the Eastern princess, as beloved princess of Fujimori High.

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