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Character Profile: Fakir

USA Info
Japanese Info
Fakir Fakia Fakir (Princess Tutu)
Human Human
Male Male
17 years old 17 years old
Black Black
Green Green
5'5" 165 cm
112.4 lbs 51 kg
Knight Knight
"That Princess Tutu"  
Princess Tutu Purinsesu Tutu

Character Description: Fakir

Fakir loved to read and liked to write, until one day his parents died from a story he wrote. He likes animals but can seem to be a pain. Fakir's favorite book is 'Prinz and Rabe' by Drosselmeyer. He thinks that Mytho does not need a heart and therefor dislikes Princess Tutu.

Him and Mytho met when Fakir was young, and his real goal is to keep Mytho safe. He can't recognize his own feelings and shows when around people. Fakir and Duck don't get along very well until the end of the first season.

He has the power to control people by writing like Drosselmeyer but avoids it because he knows the consequences. He has a determination as a knight only matched by Duck.

Character Description: Fakir

When Fakir was young he found Mytho tired, weak and dirty. He thought he was dead because his heart wasn't beating anymore, but he soon found out he was the Prince in the story "The Prince and the Raven".

Fakir believed that he is the reincarnated knight in the story, the one that tried to protect the Prince but fails and dies. He tried to alter his faith but he was going the wrong way. He was the heir of the Power of Drosselmeyer and he has the same ability as him, he was able to write a story and make it real, so he continued the ending of the story to protect Mytho, since it was the only thing he could do at that time.

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