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Anime Profile: Private Sessions

USA Info
Japanese Info
Private Sessions(Vanilla Series) Tokubetsu Jyugyou(特別授業) Private Sessions
2 OVA episodes 2 OVA episodes
June 29, 2004 Around 2002–2003
Critical Mass  
Hentai Hentai
Vanilla Series Vanilla Series
Harumi Shiraishi Harumi Shiraishi
· · ·
Mao Sakurano Mao Sakurano
· · ·
Minori Sakurano Minori Sakurano
· · ·
Natsuki Arakawa Natsuki Arakawa
· · ·
Saki Azuma Saki Azuma
· · ·
Takumi Mikami Takumi Mikami
· · ·
Yukari Saijou Yukari Saijou

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at The Right Stuf.

Anime Description: Private Sessions

The beautiful Saki Azuma, a teacher at an all-girl school, is deeply in love with the handsome yet sadistic Takumi Mikami. She would do anything for him, and therein lies the problem. You see, Mikami was fired from his previous teaching job for molesting a student, and now he wants Saki to get him a job at her college which is so ripe with sexy, innocent schoolgirls. Saki knows what he will do, and she hates it, but her love for Mikami and his threat of a breakup prevents her from disobeying. And so the Professor Wada, the art teacher, mysteriously falls ill, opening a position for the perverted Professor Mikami.

Private SessionsWell, it doesn't take long after being hired that Mikami begins his lecherous ways. And as if wasn't hard enough on Saki just knowing that Mikami was capturing and raping these lovely young women, he forces her to stand idly by and videotape every last bit of the sexual action. And when one student, Minori Sakurano, discovers what Mikami is up to and confronts Saki, Saki has to help Takumi in his plan to abduct Minori and her sister, Mao, in order to keep Takumi out of trouble.

Saki was happy when Mikami's temporary teaching position finally ended. Mikami told Saki that when it was over, he would once again start having sex with her. But immediately following the announcement of Mikami's departure, it is announced that another teacher, the lovely Harumi Shiraishi, would also be leaving the school... because she would be marrying Takumi Mikami.

A shattered and devastated Saki, whose love once enabled her to the most horrific things just to please Mikami, now would do anything to destroy him. And she had the means. So at Mikami's wedding, she let his bride and everyone else attending see exactly what kind of man Mikami was... by showing, on the giant television screen, the videos of his sexual escapades which he had forced her to make. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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