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Magami A-koMagami EikoMagami A-ko (Project A-ko)
Human (maybe)Human (maybe)
16 years16 years
High School StudentHigh School Student
Stacey Gregg (ep.1), Teryl RotheryMiki Itoh
Project A-koProject A-ko
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Project A-ko Vs. BattleProject A-ko Vs. Battle

Character Description: Magami A-ko

A-ko and C-ko have been close friends since they were kids, ever since A-ko saved C-ko from the escaped wolf, and they are almost ALWAYS together. You kind of wonder just who A-ko's parents are. I mean, how DID she get that incredible strength and that blinding speed? Whatever the case, what you normally see is but a controlled fraction of her power. The control comes from the armbands she normally wears.

Even then, it's not unusual to see plenty of damage in her wake. It comes either from (1) her haste to get to school on time (A-ko almost always wakes up late, usually depending on C-ko as her "alarm clock") or (2) a very ballistic B-ko being right behind her.

A-ko may be strong and fast, but she's normally a defensive fighter, reluctant to strike. However, she can get ticked off in a number of ways, and that's when she gets aggressive. Few have been able to withstand her assault when she's ticked off. A-ko didn't WANT to fight B-ko, but B-ko pressed the issue and ultimately challenged her to direct one-on-one combat, which she had to accept. About the only time the two call a truce is when C-ko is in trouble.

In the Versus Battle alternate universe, A-ko is a huntress, working together with B-ko (this is NOT a mistake) to eke out a living on a sandy planet. She ended up carrying C-ko back to the house (unintentionally) on top of her BIG backpack, and it was about that time that the neighborhood came crashing down.

She'll end up losing B-ko and then getting her back by making the acquaintance of a tiny alien named Maruten, who tells her that a universal catastrophe was about to occur and that she had been selected for the task of preventing it. A-ko still has her remarkable strength, and this time, she has an equally-powerful rival in Liza.

Jerry Whitworth points out A-ko might be half human and half kryptonian, because it's hinted that her mom and dad are Clark Kent and Diana Prince (Superman and Wonder Woman).

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