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Character Profile: B-ko

USA Info
Japanese Info
B-ko Daitojuki Biko Daitokuji B-ko (Project A-ko)
Human Human
Female Female
16 years 16 years
Blue-gray Blue-gray
Blue Blue
High school student, robot designer High school student, robot designer
"The time for revenge has COME!"  
Denica Fairman(ep. 1); Venus Terzo Emi Shinohara
Project A-ko Project A-ko
· · ·
Project A-ko Vs. Battle Project A-ko Vs. Battle

Character Description: B-ko

B-ko is the example of the poor little rich girl. She thought she could do anything, and as a child, she had C-ko (unwillingly) as a friend until A-ko befriended C-ko. B-ko was ticked! She ultimately challenged A-ko to a "fight to the finish," only to find out that A-ko and C-ko both moved on the exact date of the duel!

10 years later, they meet again, they they don't recognize each other for a couple days. Then, when A-ko saved C-ko from a falling steel girder, it clicked. The next morning, B-ko renewed he challenge, and this time, she was gonna make sure that it happens.

But three times, despite all her wealth and design skill, A-ko bested all her designs, so she pulled out her trump card: her battle suit! Determined to win, she pulled out all the stops, from her suit-enhanced abilities to her mini-missile launcher. Her bitter rivalry with A-ko has become the inspiration for ever-more-innovative designs, all intended to get rid of A-ko once and for all. Even with aliens trying to intervene, she won't stop the fight...except for one thing- if anyone tries to take C-ko away, she'll stop fighting until she's safe again.

B-ko wants C-ko bad, which makes you wonder: just what are B-ko's feelings towards C-ko? Are they possessive...or are they possibly romantic?

In the Versus Battle storyline, B-ko lives with her friend A-ko (this is NOT a mistake), using her engineering know-how to assist A-ko in the hunts. She's still very smart, and she's also one to grab at opportunity, like when C-ko (heiress to the Kotobuki financial empire) happens into their lives.

Her life would then be seriously cut short by Gail, and only when A-ko cuts a deal does Maruten revive her. Despite what he did to her, B-ko is more curious than angry at Gail, and she manages to gain his confidence and learn of his mission: to revive Lady Xena (with C-ko as her vessel) and change the universe. B-ko almost becomes too much in love with Gail to have to kill him, but she remembers what he did to C-ko and what it means, and she ultimately pulls the trigger herself.

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