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Kotobuki C-koKotobuki ShikoKotobuki C-ko (Project A-ko)
Alpha Cygnan (A-ko)Alpha Cygnan (A-ko)
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An almost extinct race (A-ko Vs Battles)An almost extinct race (A-ko Vs Battles)
16 years (A-ko); 10 years (A-ko Vs Battles)16 years (A-ko); 10 years (A-ko Vs Battles)
High school student (A-ko)High school student (A-ko)
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Spoiled brat (A-ko Vs Battles)Spoiled brat (A-ko Vs Battles)
Julia Brahms (ep. 1); Cathy WeseluckMichie Tomizawa
Project A-koProject A-ko
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Project A-ko Vs BattlesProject A-ko Vs Battles

Character Description: Kotobuki C-ko

C-ko is cute...very cute...TOO cute. She looks very young for her age, and her expressions tend to emphasize her cuteness: her laugh, her pout, and her crying.

In the known world of anime, C-ko can compete with Akane Tendou (from Ranma 1/2) for being the worst cook. Her homemade lunches usually have one big problem: they're WAY too spicy. On at least two occasions, people have literally breathed fire after eating some of the lunch (C-ko herself one of them), but she proudly offers it to A-ko anyway, each and every day.

C-ko is the object of A-ko and B-ko's bitter rivalry. B-ko wants C-ko for herself, but A-ko is not willing to let her do that. And there's the problem of those crossdressed aliens from outer space who claim C-ko's their long-lost princess. And who would believe that what everyone else thought to bead a load of drunken malarchy was in fact the truth? Yet C-ko doesn't really care. All she really cares about is A-ko. She's happy when they're together, sad when A-ko doesn't look all right, wailing when A-ko insults her, and angry when A-ko doesn't pay attention to her. This doesn't mean she hates B-ko, she just likes A-ko more, and above all...she wants to see an end to the fighting.

In Versus Battle, C-ko is the adopted heir to the Kotobuki fortune. She was about to celebrate her 10th birthday on Planet Fantasia when she was kidnapped by Grash and Liza. However, when the ship broke up over their sandy hideout planet, C-ko fell out (and right onto A-ko's backpack). Once she smelled food, she woke up and chowed down until A-ko stopped her. A-ko was ticked, but B-ko was kind enough to her. C-ko's kindness, however, changed after A-ko knocked out Liza (this is where the classic rivalry-friendship triangle begins to form). THEN the bandits fought with A-ko and B-ko for C-ko until Gail put a stop to it.

Turns out that C-ko is the last descendant of a special race (of which the sorceress Lady Xena was one). Gail revives Xena and uses C-ko as her vessel. However, Xena has trouble with C-ko's overly cute personality and her concern for fighting (again a trace from the old story), whcih ultimately separates the two spirits, allowing A-ko to finish Xena's spirit off.

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