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Psycho-Pass 2Psycho-Pass 2(サイコパス2)Psycho-Pass 2
· · ·
Saiko-Pasu Tsu(romanization)
12 TV episodes(planned)12 TV episodes(planned)
October 4, 2014(ongoing as of November 10)
FUNimationMag Garden, Production IG, Dentsu, Psycho-Pass Production Committee
Tow Ubukata(冲方 丁)
Kiyotaka Suzuki(鈴木 清崇)
Action, Drama, Sci-FiAction, Drama, Sci-Fi
· · ·
Psycho-Pass: The MoviePsycho-Pass: The Movie
Akane TsunimoraAkane Tsunimora
· · ·
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Characters: Psycho-Pass 2

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akane Tsunimora Akane Tsunimora Yayoi Kinezuka Yayoi Kinezuka
Dominator Dominator Joshu Kasai ⊕ Joshu Kasai ⊕
Kirito Kamue Kirito Kamue Mixue Shisui ⊕ Mixue Shisui ⊕
Mika Shimotsuki Mika Shimotsuki Risa Aoyanagi ⊕ Risa Aoyanagi ⊕
Nobuchika Ginoza Nobuchika Ginoza Sayuka Tougane ⊕ Sayuka Tougane ⊕
Shion Karanomori Shion Karanomori Sho Hinakawa ⊕ Sho Hinakawa ⊕

Description: Psycho-Pass 2

Much has changed since the first Psycho-Pass series ran. Shinya Kogami has gone missing, Tomomi Matsaoka and Shusei Kagari are dead, and the son of Matsaoka, the Inspector Nobuchika Ginoza, has suffered his former partner Kogami's fate - his crime co-efficient has now permanently risen to unexceptionable levels, making him a latent criminal - but has chosen to become an Enforcer. Now Akane Tsunimori – who also knows the grim secret of the Sibyl System, the organization that monitors Japanese citizens for crime potential – is in charge of the team, along with a new Inspector and several new Enforcers. Together, the team has to solve a new threat – a series of attacks that involve the mysterious scrawl 'WC'... but what does it mean?

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