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Character Profile: Dr. Muzé Kauplan

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dr. Muzé KauplanDr. Muzé KauplanDr. Muzé Kauplan (Pumpkin Scissors)
Mid 40's to early 50'sMid 40's to early 50's
Pale blondePale blonde
Scientist, head of the Kauplan Institute, creator of the Invisible 9Scientist, head of the Kauplan Institute, creator of the Invisible 9
Thea GoodmanAtsuko Yuya (湯屋 敦子)
Episode 4, "The Cracked Portrait"Episode 4, "The Cracked Portrait"
Pumpkin ScissorsPumpkin Scissors

Character Description: Dr. Muzé Kauplan

An intriguing and enigmatic figure, Dr. Muzé Kauplan is the mysterious creator of the 'Invisible 9'. During the war, she and the research institute that bears her name crafted super soldiers in secret to battle the Republic of Frost, which included individuals like Randel Oland, Wolmarf, and Hans. After the war, she kept a particular interest in Oland, and may have had a hand in him being assigned to State Section III, a.k.a. 'Pumpkin Scissors'.

Captain Hunks of State Section III had met Dr. Kauplan not long after Hunks had failed to convince the general staff at Army Intelligence that the destruction of the tank used by Viscount Wolkins was part of a greater conspiracy. Although Hunks was impressed by her, he was wary of the woman sufficiently enough to be cautious of her in the future... and for good reason!

Some days after that meeting, during the incident which involved the kidnapping (and later that same day the release) of Alice Malvin, Dr. Kauplan had visited the home of former tank engineer Dr. Kortu when a reporter for Die Welt, the national newspaper for the Empire, happened upon seeing Oland. The reporter had remembered seeing the copy of Oland's 'Door Knocker' gun at Kortu's home, and was surprised to see Oland with an operational model. Not long after Dr. Kauplan's visit, Dr. Kortu mysteriously died in an equally-mysterious explosion at his home.

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