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Character Profile: Corporal Randel Oland

USA Info
Japanese Info
Corporal Randel OlandCorporal Randel OlandCorporal Randel Oland (Pumpkin Scissors)Corporal Randel Oland (Pumpkin Scissors)
Genetically-enhanced humanGenetically-enhanced human
Late 20's to mid 30'sLate 20's to mid 30's
7'4"224 cm
Formerly of the 901 Anti-Tank Troops, now a member of Imperial Army State Section III, Pumpkin ScissorsFormerly of the 901 Anti-Tank Troops, now a member of Imperial Army State Section III, Pumpkin Scissors
"I get that a lot."
Adam DudleyKenta Miyaki
Episode 1, "The Invisible 9"Episode 1, "The Invisible 9"
Pumpkin ScissorsPumpkin Scissors

Character Description: Corporal Randel Oland

A giant of a man, Corporal Randal Oland is actually a gentle giant. Despite all the scars on his body, Oland is normally kind-hearted and willing to help a person out when in trouble. However, this man also has a deadly secret.

Oland was originally part of the top-secret 901 Anti Tank Troops, a group of foot soldiers conditioned to show no fear in attacking heavily-armored tanks with little more than a single shot weapon, called a 'door knocker'. Even though the platoon, as well as many of the Royal Empire's '900' troops (called the Invisible 9), was secret, the Empire's soldiers were warned to be wary of ANY soldier carrying a blue lantern, like the one Oland carries. Once he opens it, and its eerie blue light glows brightly, Oland's personality changes – and he becomes an unstoppable killing machine, not even caring about any injury he suffers while attacking!

Oland just happened upon the Pumpkin Scissors, and Lt. Alice L. Malvin, when he was in a village that was being victimized by Wolmarf, another 900 troop (the 908 Chemical Tactics Troops), leading a group of bandits who had just used chemical weapons against that same village. Oland helped Malvin in not only defeating Wolmarf but securing the counter agent to the poison the villain used. He since then was re-assigned to the Pumpkin Scissors – although Captain Hunks is a little more than suspicious about the big guy.

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