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Poemy WatanabePoemi WatanabePoemy Watanabe (Puni Puni Poemy)Poemy Watanabe (Puni Puni Poemy)
Puni Puni PoemyPuni Puni Poemi
· · ·
Kobayashi (to Poemi)Kobayashi (to Poemi)
10 years old10 years old
Brown (as Poemi), Pink (as Puni Puni Poemy)Brown (as Poemi), Pink (as Puni Puni Poemy)
Brown (as Poemi), Green (as Puni Puni Poemi)Brown (as Poemi), Green (as Puni Puni Poemi)
Student, voice actressStudent, voice actress
Cynthia MartinezYumiko Kobayashi
Puni Puni PoemyPuni Puni Poemi

Character Description: Poemy Watanabe

Talk about CRAZY girls, Poemi Watanabe has got to be one of the craziest... aside from Excel Excel, that is! For one thing, the girl has a grand dream to be one of the greatest voice actresses in the world. The fly-in-the-ointment? Poemi's voice sounds like dying vultures screeching, not to mention she has the worst grades in her school. However, her classmate Futaba Aasu seems to forgive her, maybe because Futaba's in love with Poemi. But Poemi doesn't seem to notice Futaba's affections. Instead, she only seems to be interested in a boy in class named K. She even gave K a pager, but he never uses it (maybe because K is really an alien from space and now hopes to take over Japan, mostly to take over the anime porn business).

Poemi also has the odd quirk of referring to herself as Kobayashi (ever wonder why?). She doesn't even refer to her parents as 'mom' or 'dad'. She calls her father, Nabeshin as 'director' (what else?) and her mother, Kumi Kumi as 'Miss Kumi Kumi'. But when both her parents are killed by a strange alien, Futaba persuades Poemi to shack up at her home with her six sisters, who are Earth's self-appointed defenders (it was either that, or stay in the pup-tent in the park next to that weirdo).

But destiny soon shines over Poemi when a silent, strange man in a kimono gives her the power to become a magical girl by skinning a fish. This fish then becomes a magical wand which transforms Poemi into Puni Puni Poemy. But does she use her powers wisely? NOOOOOO! She just simply continues her stupid, erratic ways, only with new power. But Poemi better get her act together, because if she doesn't, then all of us will become K's victims!

On second thought... we're all screwed!

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