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Queen EmeraldasQueen Emeraldas
2 OVA episodes2 OVA episodes
1999 [1998]
A.D. Vision [Kodansha-Queen Emeraldas Committee]
Leiji Matsumoto
Yuji Asada
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Characters: Queen Emeraldas

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Emeraldas Emeraldas Le Law βŠ• Le Law βŠ•
Eldomain βŠ• Eldomain βŠ• Looda βŠ• Looda βŠ•
Gamor βŠ• Gamor βŠ• Queen Baralooda βŠ• Queen Baralooda βŠ•
Hiroshi Umino βŠ• Hiroshi Umino βŠ•

Description: Queen Emeraldas

"I am Emeraldas. Just as this vast ocean of stars is never-ending, so is the pledge I have made together with the Queen Emeraldas. I have made this pledge to honor the ones I trust and the one I love. In them, I find the reason to live the way I do. I hope to reflect this to others. My oath will never fade. I know my fate. I know my destiny. I was born to fulfill this purpose. I am Emerldas."

For the first time, the universe of Leiji Matsumoto brings us an adventure featuring the woman who, alongside Captain Harlock, is a legend in her own right. Despite the loneliness in her heart, she fights for justice and peace, as much a necessity in this universe as the stars though which she roams.

An innocent space colony has come under the attack of a would-be master race. It is now up to Emeraldas to help free the colonists and stop the tyranny, but she faces a devious enemy, one who is willing to hold the colonists hostage and who has become determined to stop Emeraldas no matter what it takes.

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