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Anime Profile: RahXephon

USA Info
Japanese Info
RahXephon RahXephon(ラーゼフォン) RahXephon
26 TV episodes, 1 movie(Pluralitas Concentio), 1 OVA(Her and Herself/Thatness and Thereness) 26 TV episodes, 1 movie(Pluralitas Concentio), 1 OVA(Her and Herself/Thatness and Thereness)
Mar 25, 2003(DVD), Sept 3, 2005–Nov 26, 2005(G4 broadcast) Jan 21, 2002–Sept 10, 2002
ADV Films BONES, Bandai Channel, Fuji TV, Victor Ent., Media Factory, RahXephon Project
  Yutaka Izubuchi
  Yutaka Izubuchi
Drama, Mecha, Psychological, Mystery Drama, Mecha, Psychological, Mystery
Ayato Kamina Ayato Kamina
· · ·
Quon Kisaragi Kuon Kisaragi
· · ·
Reika Mishima Reika Mishima
· · ·
Elvy Hadhiyat Elvy Hadhiyat
· · ·
Haruka Shitow Haruka Shitow
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Anime Characters: RahXephon

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ayato Kamina Ayato Kamina Itsuki Kasaragi Itsuki Kasaragi
Quon Kisaragi Kuon Kisaragi Jin Kunugi Jin Kunugi
Reika Mishima Reika Mishima Maya Kamina Maya Kamina
Elvy Hadhiyat Elvy Hadhiyat Megumi Shitow Megumi Shitow
Haruka Shitow Haruka Shitow RahXephon RahXephon

Anime Description: RahXephon

Ayato Kamina is a young 17 year old boy whose life changes in a single day. Living in a world called Tokyo Jupiter created by a mysterious force name Mu. All he learned was a lie, that the only civilization on the Earth is Tokyo. Instead, Tokyo Jupiter is a barrier to the outside world were time stands still.

Ayato and a mysterious girl name Reika Mishima discover a robotic deity name RahXephon, and now Ayato must learn the truth. Who is he? Who is RahXephon? Why is the enemies' blood blue?

This anime will boggle your mind and takes several times over to get all of it.

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