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Character Profile: Ms. Hinako Ninomiya

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ms. Hinako Ninomiya Ms. Hinako Ninomiya Ms. Hinako Ninomiya (Ranma 1/2)
Human Human
Female Female
5 years(as child); 27 years(as adult) 5 years(as child); 27 years(as adult)
Brown Brown
Blue Blue
4'0"(as child); 6'3"(as adult) 122 cm(as child); 190 cm(as adult)
70 lbs(as child); about 110 lbs(as adult) 31.8 kg(as child); about 50 kg(as adult)
Reform Teacher Reform Teacher
"Hapo Five Yen Satsu!"  
OVA Episode 4: "Stormy Weather comes to school! Growing up with Miss Hinako" OVA Episode 4: "Stormy Weather comes to school! Growing up with Miss Hinako"
Ranma 1/2 Ranma Nibunnoichi

Character Description: Ms. Hinako Ninomiya

When she first appeared not much was thought of her, until she tuned Happosai into a raisin man. Using yen as a focus for her power, she can drain the battle aura of any opponent. She uses yen because it has a circular hole in the middle, and the technique requires a circle to work. She had cleaned up three reform schools before coming to Furinken High.

Her normal form is that of a little girl, a dittsy little cutey-pie that loves to eat, but after she drains a battle aura, the energy is used to change her into a beautifully shaped woman. After draining an aura, she can use that energy to throw a projectile at her opponent. The stronger the opponent, the greater her projectile.

In the end, she is trapped by a basketball net as she is growing and Ranma uses a pressure point technique to keep her in her woman form. Happosai admits to changing her metabolism ten years ago, and also mentions that Ranma needs to repeat using the pressure point technique every day for a month.

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