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Anime Profile: Rave Master

USA Info
Japanese Info
Rave Master Groove Adventure Rave(Groove Adventure レイヴ) Rave Master
  51 TV episodes
2004 2001–2002
TokyoPop Studio DEEN/RAVE Production Committee/TBS
  Hiro Mashima
Action, Adventure, Fantasy Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Cattleya Glory Cattleya Glory
· · ·
Elie Elie
· · ·
Feber Feber
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Anime Characters: Rave Master

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Cattleya Glory Cattleya Glory Resha Valentine Resha Valentine
Elie Elie Shuda Shuda
Feber Feber Sieg Hart Sieg Hart
Gail Glory Gail Glory Clare Clare
Galein Musica Galein Musica Georco Georco
Haru Glory Haru Glory Griff Griff
Hedara Musica Hamrio Musica Lance Lance
Julia Julia Remy Remy
Let Let Ruby Ruby
Lucia Rareglove/Blonde Devil Lucia Rareglove/Blonde Devil Sakura Glory Sakura Glory
Plue Plue Shiba(or Sheba or Siva) Shiba(or Sheba or Siva)
Reina Reina Sorasido Sorasido

Anime Description: Rave Master

Fifty years ago a force of darkness battled against the Raves, which a woman named Resha Valentine created using Ethelion. Siva, the Rave master, battled the Dark Bring (the force of darkness) which created an explosion called the Overdrive.

Now we join a 16 year old boy named Haru Glory and his weird mutant dog animal creature named Plue. One day, Haru was fishing and he pulled Plue out of the water. Plue becomes his guide as he goes on a journey to become a Rave Master! Haru fights his first enemy and his sword, Ten Powers, gets broken.

So he and Plue travels from Garage Island to Hip Hop Town and Punk Street in search of Galein Musica, the legendary blacksmith. Plue gets kidnapped by Georco, a thug from a gang called Demon Card in Hip Hop Town.

Plue is then entered in a dog race. Elie, a girl they meet who has no memories, helps Haru rescue him without knowing it. Then she takes the two to Punk Street where they meet Musica.

So we have a boy named Haru Glory, a girl named Elie who lost her memory and resembles Resha, and Hamrio Musica, a thief and leader of his gang of thieves. Along with their other friends, they all embark on an adventure with many interesting characters.

Note: The series ends at episode 51 even though the story is left hanging. This is simply because Studio Deen never finished it. Another series with this dubious status is Pilot Candidate.

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