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Japanese Info
ElieEri (エリー)Elie (Rave Master)Elie (Rave Master)
Experiment #3173Woman of 3173
Human (Sieg Hart tells Haru that only women who have numbers in the hundreds were made at the lab)Human (Sieg Hart tells Haru that only women who have numbers in the hundreds were made at the lab)
About 16 yearsAbout 16 years
5'3"160 cm
99.2 lbs45 kg
Wanderer with no memoriesWanderer with no memories
"Ha, that's great!...I don't get it..."
Michelle RuffAyako Kawasumi
Rave MasterGroove Adventure Rave

Character Description: Elie

Elie is one of Haru's first allies, besides the strange "dog" Plue. She claims to have lost her memory about a year ago, and is in search of someone who can tell her what her name is, when her birthday is, or who her parents are.

She is not weak, however. Make her mad and she'll bring out her tonfa blasters and make all bad guys cry home to their mommies.

One year ago, Elie awoke to discover a scene of devastation in the distance and no memories. Then, she was attacked by a mysterious blue-haired man (it turns out to be Sieg Hart). She survives, and she eventually names herself for the tattoo that was on her left arm... not realizing at the time that she had been reading it upside-down. She thought she had read ELIE when in fact it was 3173.

What attracted Sieg Hart to Elie was the fact that he sensed the power of Etherion within her. This may be at least partially connected to the fact that she bears a marked resemblence to the late Resha Valentine, the genius girl who supposedly gave her life using the power of Etherion create the Rave and the Ravestones. Sieg Hart wanted to kill Elie to ensure the power of Etherion did not fly out of control, but Haru pledged to protect her, and he would eventually save Elie and relieve Sieg Hart's concerns in one stroke...from Rune-Save. Elie was unharmed because Rune-Save cannot harm a person, but its power re-sealed the Etherion power within her, so Sieg Hart had no more reason to attack.

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