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Character Profile: Feber

USA Info
Japanese Info
Feber Feber
Human Human
Male Male
Blonde Blonde
Demon Card Member Demon Card Member
"It feels soooooo good to destroy things!" "It feels soooooo good to destroy things!"
Rave Master Groove Adventure Rave

Character Description: Feber

Feber is a low-ranking Demon Card thug, although he seems to be a part of Shuda's personal unit, and holds some favor with the general. He has no powers other than his fists and weapon (a strap-on arm cannon) at first, but after his first defeat, Shuda gives him a Dark Bring ("Full Metal"), which he uses in his second battle.

Feber is the first sign that bad things be a-coming Haru's way. He appears out of the blue one day on Garage Island, and takes a sudden interest in Shiba. He's persuaded at the moment that Shiba is not the Rave Master he is looking for, and moves along, reappearing later after eavesdropping on a conversation. He demands that Shiba turn over Rave. After seriously wounding Shiba, Haru steps up to fight him, struggling until Shiba realizes Haru is in fact the new rave master. He quickly throws Haru a mysterious stone (Rave), which he uses to punch Feber into next Tuesday.

Feber appears again several chapters later, cannon in hand, and demands to fight Haru. He wields a dark bring, allowing him to turn his body entirely into metal. Haru cannot defeat him alone. Nearly breaking his hand on Feber's steel jaw, he is helped again by Shiba as he throws the boy his sword, the Ten Commandments. Haru uses both Rave and the Ten Commandments to destroy Feber's Dark Bring, defeating him once and for all.

Feber is arrogant, hot tempered, lured easily by power, and this leads to a brief madness once he obtains his Dark Bring. It seems that Shuda is the only person he holds any respect for, and he goes out of his way to cause trouble and pain for others, especially those that oppose Demon Card.

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