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Haru GloryHaru GloryHaru Glory (Rave Master)
Rave MasterRave Master
16 years old (ages to 17) (born July 17, 0050)16 years old (ages to 17) (born July 17, 0050)
5'7"169 cm
127.9 lbs58 kg
Traveller, King of Symphonia (later on)Traveller, King of Symphonia (later on)
Yuri LowenthalSeki Tomokazu
Rave MasterGroove Adventure Rave

Character Description: Haru Glory

Haru is a teenage boy who grew up on a small island called Galage Island. His father left him with his mother and sister to find Rave when he was young. After a while, his mother died and he was left alone with his sister. Then, after a few long years, he fished Plue the Rave bearer out of the ocean, and soon met Sheba (or Shiva or Siva), the Rave Master.

Haru, after promising Sheba that he will complete the collection of Rave and defeat evil and end it all, goes on an adventure with his pals, Elie, Musica, Let, Plue, Griffonka, and Sieg, not knowing what awaits them. Haru's special power is, of course, Rave, but it's connected to the huge sword he carrries, known as the Decaforce Sword [Ten Commandments], which he received from Shiba after learning that he was the new Rave Master. The Decaforce Sword [Ten Commandments] is named such because it actually has ten different forms, depending on need and the ability of the wielder to use them.

1. Eisenmeteor (the Metal Sword) This is the default form of the sword. It's heavy and can't be handled easily without training or experience. Its strength lies in its simplicity: it's nothing more than a simple dual-edged sword. Not enchanted or affected in any way, it has a particular use against spellcasters such as Sieg Hart, who aren't used to purely physical attacks.

2. Explosion This is the first alternate form Haru reveals. He gained this form when he first united the Rave with the sword. Though it has no edge, Haru can use this sword to summon an explosive force that is released upon the sword's impact. The trouble is that the explosion creates a recoil on Haru that can sap his strength if used excessively.

3. Silfarion (the Sonic Sword) Haru gains this form after he gains the Rave of Knowledge. It enables Haru to move and attack at very high speed. Its specialty is the high-speed attack, a series of sword strokes executed faster than the blink of an eye. Its main weakness is that it is very light, so individual strokes are not very powerful. In fact, both sword and wielder become very light in this form; a strong force can end up literally blowing you away.

4. Rune-Save (the Sealing Sword) Haru gains this sword in the battle with Sieg Hart. It's a purely defensive sword, meaning Haru cannot hurt people with it, but this is compensated by its sealing powers. When Haru slashes an elemental or energy attack with Rune-Save, he can seal it and make it disappear. It also seems to have some ability to contain the power of Etherion, which Haru uses to seal Elie's power.

5. Blue Crimson (the Twin Dragon Sword) This is actually two swords, named such because one is Blue (and ice-elemental) and one is Crimson (and fire-elemental), that is revealed when the sword is broken in two again. It allows for a variety of techniques, but to really gain the full abilities of Blue Crimson, you need to be able to handle both swords at once, and since Haru's right-handed, it's not an easy feat.

6. Mel Force (the Vacuum Sword) This is another defensive sword. It can't really hurt enemies, but a stroke from the sword can create a powerful vacuum that can push enemies back, preventing them from advancing. Haru gains this form when he acquires the Rave of Combat.

7. Gravity Core (the Gravity Sword) As the name implies, this sword carries with it a powerful force of gravity. This makes the sword extremely cumbersome to wield (it's heavier than even Eisenmeteor), but a stroke from the Gravity Core can send this same intense gravity at enemies or obstacles.

8. Million Suns (the Light Sword) This sacred sword glows with blinding light and is particularly effective against shadow powers.

9. Sacrifier (the Sacrifice Sword) The power of Sacrifier is two-edged. At the one end, you gain an incredible skill and power. At the other end, you pay for it with your sanity, becoming emotionless, remorseless, and potentially very dangerous for anyone, friend or foe, that is in your sights.

10. Ravelt The sword's ultimate form is for the most part unknown. It is believed to have been sealed because its power, like that of Etherion, can cause potential disaster.

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