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LetLetLet (Rave Master)
23 years old (born December 4th, 0044) (source: manga)23 years old (born December 4th, 0044) (source: manga)
Green (scales), blonde (in human form)Green (scales), blonde (in human form)
5'10"177 cm
176.4 lbs80 kg
Palace guardianPalace guardian
Doug StoneTakehiro Murozono
Rave MasterGroove Adventure Rave

Character Description: Let

Let is the second strongest of the Palace Guardians in the Tower of Din (the first being Captain Ltiangle) who seems to only love combat. However, Haru changed his mind during their duel and convinced him that as the Rave Master, he could create a world of peace. It seemed Haru's words reached him because soon after the Tower of Din began to collapse, he went out of his way to escort Haru, Elie, and Gale out of the tower.

Soon after, he met up with Haru and company as the team was preparing to leave on a new journey aboard the Silver Rhythm Gang's new airship. Haru insisted Let come along as a member of the party, and while Let said he only joined so he could defeat Haru at a later time, you can tell he wanted to join them. And the party benefits from Let's assistance as he is not only a strong fighter, but his knowledge of the world outside of Symphonia is quite extensive. He seems to know more than a sage would!

Let's personality is amusing like Duuz's from Angel Links and his strong sense of honor is the reason he didn't have a Dark Bring. Let and Hedara Musica don't seem to get along, and always seem to be ready to fight each other whenever either one of them says the wrong thing. However, they seem to start favoring each other more as allies than opponents. Elie, on the other hand, keeps calling him something else like lizard or crocodile, which is infuriating for Let because he always has to tell her he is a dragon. And she still doesn't get it!

Let comes from a race of people called Dragonrace. Later on in the series, he ends up becoming human-like in appearance but he is not a human when that happens (he looks human, but has Dragonrace blood in his veins). It turns out Let's people are supposed to undergo a trial at the age of 20 to banish the part of their mind that is a feral dragon. He didn't perform the trial and attempts to do at the age of 23 (which is supposed to be far more difficult when a Dragonrace gets older). He almost loses himself to his feral dragon side, but succeeds. In actuality, he has a personal vendetta against Jegan of the Oracion Six, who turned his lover Julia into the giant dragon he rides. Julia failed the trial and is now a feral dragon who has no emotions and is under Jegan's control through magic.

Character Description: Let

Let is a creepy, ninja-like, dragon that tends to pop out of nowhere. He tends to show people that some of their plans are stupid ones. He refers to Musica as "Goth Boy" whenever he gets an attitude.

Once a rival of Haru's (in the Tower of Din), he's now a member of the group and is usually the voice of reason when Griff isn't.

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