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Sieg HartSieg HartSieg Hart (Rave Master)
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Sieghart (alternate spelling)Jiku Harudo (romanization)
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Thunder Man (by Elie)Kaminari no Otoko (by Elie)
Appears about 24 yearsAppears about 24 years
5'11"181 cm
138.9 lbs63 kg
Type ABType AB
Time GuardTime Guard
"I'd have to kill you to save the time continuum."
Cripsin FreemanMasami Kikuchi
Rave MasterGroove Adventure Rave

Character Description: Sieg Hart

Sieg Hart is an elementalist, able to control any and all elements as he wishes (water, thunder, fire, wind, earth, and poison). He was a member of the ShadowGuard's elite, though he quit when he learned Elie survived the encounter with him one year ago. Sieg's one of the remaining Time Guards, who made their goal to preserve the natural order of things. The Etherium energy was considered a threat and thus Sieg had to destroy Elie to ensure the safety of the world.

Note: In the manga it is said that he is from a town that's totally about clocks, but this wasn't mentioned in the anime.

Character Description: Sieg Hart

Ah! This cold-hearted but interesting time guardian and element master, Sieg Hart, came to Demon Card on one snowy night to beat King because King holds the power to warp time using the Enclaim every "Touki no majimaru bi" or "Time-Crossing day". However, what made Sieg Hart delay this plan was the surprising revival of Elie, the girl whom he thought he had killed in a laboratory by the west of Song Continent.

He wanted to kill Elie because he thinks it's the only way to stop the revival of Etherion (in other words, he is desperate and clueless at the same time), a destructive etherial force which Resha Valentine used to create "holybring" 50 years ago. Thankfully, Haru stopped him by proving that Etherion can be temporarily sealed with the power of Rave. He appeared in season 2, not only on the last 4 episodes, but also when the Symphonian guards are investigating about Lucia, the blond devil's escape. Sieg Hart later on befriends Haru's gang by directing them to the key to Elie's past in Episode 50.

Sadly, though rabid fangirls love him so much, Sieg Hart only appears in less than 10 episodes of Rave Master.

In the manga, however, it is revealed what Haja means to what he said in Episode 49 of the anime about the "Great/Almighty Sorcerer" title which Sieg deserves. Sieg Hart shows up a lot more in the manga than he does in the anime. He returns home to the village of clocks, Mildean, and defeated Haja the Infinite of the Oracion Six in their battle that lasted for seven days and seven nights with a wooden staff and the thunder sword "Houken" (the name is heard when he chanted to kill Elie with a thunder sword in the anime) and earned the title "Daimadou" which means "Almighty Sorcerer"

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