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Anime Profile: Ray: The Animation

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ray: The Animation Ray: The Animation Ray: The Animation
13 TV Episodes 13 TV Episodes
  April 5, 2006
  Oriental Light & Magic/Akita Shoten/RAY Project/Tezuka Prod.
  Akihito Yoshitomi, Osamu Tezuka(Black Jack)
  Naohito Takahashi
Drama, Sci-Fi Drama, Sci-Fi
Aka Ribbon Aka Ribbon
· · ·
Asada Asada
· · ·
B.J.(Black Jack) B.J.(Black Jack)
· · ·
H-Ring Man H-Ring Man
· · ·
Kenji Kenji
· · ·
Koichi Koichi
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Anime Characters: Ray: The Animation

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Aka Ribbon Aka Ribbon ONE ONE
Asada Asada Rei Kasugano(Ray) Rei Kasugano(Ray)
B.J.(Black Jack) B.J.(Black Jack) Rie Rie
H-Ring Man H-Ring Man Rumi Rumi
Kenji Kenji Sawa-iincho Sawa-iincho
Koichi Koichi Shinoyama Shinoyama
Mami Mami Sumire Sumire
Misato Misato Toshiaki Toshiaki

Anime Description: Ray: The Animation

Rei Kasugano is a girl with an unspeakable past. She grew up in a place where people were harvested for organs, in which Rei's eyes were taken. However, she meets a mysterious savior who gives her a gift. She receives eyes with the ability to see through people (X-Ray).

After escaping the mysterious organization that almost did her in, she decides to become a doctor and use her special abilities to save peoples lives. She works free of charge, along with her co-workers, in order to solve the toughest medical cases.

Note: This anime also features the classic Osamu Tezuka character, Black Jack. Yes THAT Black Jack.

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