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Yomiko ReadmanYomiko Readman (読子・リードマン)Yomiko Readman (R.O.D: Read or Die)
Agent PaperThe Paper
23 years old (R.O.D.), 30 years old (R.O.D. the TV).23 years old (R.O.D.), 30 years old (R.O.D. the TV).
Agent for The Royal British Libray's Division of Special OperationsAgent for The Royal British Libray's Division of Special Operations
"My book please."
Kimberly Yates (R.O.D.), Helena Taylor (R.O.D. the TV)Rieko Miura
R.O.D: Read or DieR.O.D: Read or Die
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R.O.D The TVR.O.D The TV

Character Description: Yomiko Readman

Yomiko Readman is in love with books, mostly romance novels. She buys books on a regular basis. Her apartment is filled with books. Books cover everything in the apartment, the bed, the phone, the floor, everything. At the very beginning, Yomiko Readman is running from bookstore to bookstore buying books, and goes into debt. The very last book she buys at the beginning, is the book the I-Jin are after.

Yomiko Readman (R.O.D: Read or Die) Yomiko Readman has the ability to manipulate paper. She can use the paper to block bullets, weapons, and explosions. She can make the paper cut anything, and anchor to an object. She even made a giant paper airplane to pursue one of the I-Jin, just to get her book back.

Yomiko Readman enjoys reading so much, that when she starts reading, nothing can phase her, and she notices nothing around her. Case and point, she starts to read her book, and explosions happen around her, people scream and scatter, and she doesn't notice any of it, until an explosion knocks her down.

When Yomiko Readman gets to doing anything that involves her beloved books, she forgets everything else. Joker had to remind her to comb her hair, after taking her book from her so she will listen to him. Drake complained about his luck, and only when he took Yomiko's book, did she realize he was there, after frantically looking for her book. Nancy even braided Yomiko's hair, and used it to tickle Yomiko's face, and Yomiko didn't even notice.

Yomiko isn't a skilled fighter. All the I-Jin have her on the ropes in a fight. Her tactics are to use her paper to pursue her enemies, defend herself, disarm her enemies, and throw tons of paper, which she drags around in a briefcase, at the enemy in hopes of defeating her enemy.

Yomiko Readman is naive, and doesn't understand people very well. She is also slightly dense, as when Joker is telling her about her mission to save the world, and Yomiko complains that if she goes on the mission, she will lose her substitute teacher job, and that the job is the last one she will every have if she misses it. It sounds like Yomiko likes to teach others.

But when it comes down to it, Yomiko will get the job done, especially if the job is recovering her book.

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