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Character Profile: Ashram

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ashram Ashuram Ashram (Record of Lodoss War)
Human Human
Male Male
Black Black
Gray Gray
Dark Knight, Emperor of Marmo Dark Knight, Emperor of Marmo
John Knox Akira Kamiya
Episode 3 "The Black Knight"  
Record of Lodoss War Lodoss Jima Senki

Character Description: Ashram

Ashram is a knight who has lived most of his life by the sword. His mastery of the sword is unrivaled, and wherever he leads the forces of Marmo, death and destruction are in his wake. This merciless nature has made him many an enemy, but none as fierce and determined to exact justice as Parn.

His ascension to the throne of Marmo after the fall of Beld does not change his nature, even as he takes up the Demon Sword, Soul Crusher, and attempts to meld its might with his own. However, Wagnard is one to take advantage of this, and he tells Ashram of Fire Dragon Mountain, of the Scepter of Domination, and of the Demon Dragon, Shooting Star.

Ashram's virtual invincibility and mercilessness has one weakness. It lies in his affection for the dark elf Pirotess. He sometimes speaks harshly of her, but his true feelings for her show when she gives her life to shield him from the wild fury of Shooting Star. He is still kneeling there, holding her lifeless body, when he too meets his fate in the fiery hell of the volcano ...or so everyone thought.

However, Karla had other plans for Ashram. He awakens to find himself facing the Grey Witch (still possessing Woodchuck's body) and is told to return to Marmo and confront Wagnard, who even now is attempting to revive Kardis the Destroyer. Soul Crusher pulsates in his hand even as the Holy Sword, in Parn's hand, heads to the Temple of Falaris for the same reason. Ashram will reach Wagnard first and challenge him. He keeps Wagnard busy with the power of the Demon Sword while Parn races to Deedlit's rescue. He and Parn will stand side by side, and with Parn's own determination does the Dark Knight find the opening he needs for victory. But in the end, the two great swords and the two warriors must clash once more, but Wagnard will interrupt once more.

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