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KarlaKarla (Record of Lodoss War)
The Grey Witch
Formerly humanFormerly human
Over 500 yearsOver 500 years
Formerly a Witch of the Kingdom of Sorcery, now embodied in a circletFormerly a Witch of the Kingdom of Sorcery, now embodied in a circlet
"Lodoss will neither be unified nor conquered."
Voice of whomever she possesses
Record of Lodoss WarLodoss Jima Senki

Character Description: Karla

Leylia's disappearance has always been a thorn in Ghim's side. Then, all of a sudden, this woman appears to alter the course of Lodoss' history for some unknown end. Her body is that of the long-lost Leylia, but her mind and spirit are those of a ghost from the Kingdom of Sorcery (embodied in the circlet she wears on her forehead which bears the two red eyes).

What many know is that whenever there are events that may affect the fate of Lodoss, she will intervene in her own strange and unusual way, manipulating people and events like pawns on a chessboard.

It is when Parn and company face Karla in her castle does she reveal the reason for her actions. Karla believes that what she is doing is for the good of Lodoss, though that may not what other believe it to be. In her mind, a Lodoss united, in one way or another, will bring all the power into one place, and that in turn will bring about its downfall. Karla will not allow that to happen, not after what happened to her home realm: Kastul, the Kingdom of Sorcery.

The circlet which is Karla's true form is very persistent. Karla knows that she requires a human body to maintain her life and continue her mission. Even in an apparent victory, Karla finds another way, and even as Leylia's nightmare ends, Woodchuck's begins. But even Karla blanches when she realizes the true intentions of the dark wizard Wagnard. Not even Karla would dare to revive Kardis the Destroyer, knowing VERY well just what will happen if it ever did happen. So she finds a way to challenge him. She seemingly snatches Ashram from the jaws of death and uses him to get to Wagnard.

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