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ParnPanParn (Record of Lodoss War)
Fighter; later Knight of ValisFighter; later Knight of Valis
Bill Timoney aka Billy ReganTakeshi Kusao
Record of Lodoss WarLodoss Jima Senki

Character Description: Parn

Parn's father, Tessius, had once been one of the greatest knights of Valis. However, a tragedy of the past left the family name in shame. Now, Parn has been forced to take up arms against a danger that has intruded on Lodoss. When monsters attacked his village, he took up his father's sword and armor and fought back. However, he lacked the experience to face the leader of those monsters. Fortunately, the wizard Slayn was soon there to help. Driven by resolve and forced by the villagers to leave, he permanently marked his new life by burning the last trace of his old life: his house.

Parn has become dedicated to restoring peace to Lodoss and honor to his family's name. Since he's not a fully-trained fighter, he tends to make the common mistakes of the inexperienced fighter, such as acting on impulse instead of thinking things out. It sometimes makes things difficult for the others. However, they also have to admire his determination and devotion, especially after King Fahn invites Parn to become a Knight of Falis. Also at this time, King Fahn reveals to him a very dark secret about Tessius.

Parn has always admired King Kashue of Flaim, though he begins to regret it when he judges harshly upon him. Parn has also sworn an oath of vengeance against the dark knight Ashram for his merciless attack on Myce. He and Ashram will clash twice more, once just before Beld and Fahn fight, and once more within Fire Dragon Mountain. That last time, just before he is forced to escape the collapsing volcano, he sees Ashram holding Pirotess, and at that last moment, he feels sorry for the Dark Knight as he falls silently, seemingly, to his own death.

Deedlit finds something attractive in Parn, though he doesn't understand what she sees in him at first. Finally, however, he figures out how to return her feelings for him. Those same feelings will begin to cascade on him when Wagnard kidnaps her as Kardis' sacrifice. Even as he awakens and realizes she's missing, he intends to stop the dark wizard, and he will not go alone or without help. Princess Fianna of Valis grants him a gift, King Fahn's Holy Sword, to use against the darkness. There is no turning back for him. His destiny now lays before him.

It is upon the fall of Ashram that the true destiny of the Holy Sword and Demon Sword are revealed when Parn wields both of the swords and puts their power together. This is the key to the ultimate victory.

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