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Japanese Info
Red GardenRed GardenRed Garden
22 episodes22 episodes
October 2006–March 2007October 2006–March 2007
ADV Films (original licensor), FUNimation (new licensor)Studio GONZO
GONZO, art by Kirihito Ayamura
Kou Matsuo
Drama, Horror, ParanormalDrama, Horror, Paranormal
Claire ForrestKurea Furesto
· · ·
Herve GirardotHerve Girardot
· · ·
Kate AshleyKeito Ashurei
· · ·
Lise Harriette MeyerRiizu Harietto Meiyaa
· · ·
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Characters: Red Garden

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Claire Forrest Kurea Furesto Paula Sinclair Paula Sinclair
Herve Girardot Herve Girardot Rachel Benning Reichiru Beningu
Kate Ashley Keito Ashurei Rose Sheedy Rozu Shiidii
Lise Harriette Meyer Riizu Harietto Meiyaa JC JC
Lula Ferhlan Rura Ferhlan

Description: Red Garden

Claire, Rose, Rachel, and Kate are four girls living in New York with nothing in common besides attending the same school, but that all changes when they're murdered.

Suddenly awaking in bed, the night before is a total mystery to them and Kate's closest friend is found dead in the middle of the woods.

As they're summoned by mysterious scarlet butterflies unnoticeable to others, they discover from a strange woman that they're on borrowed time and must solve the mystery of their murder before that time runs out.

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