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DVD Review: Comedy Central Salutes George W. Bush

With the reign of George W. Bush finally coming to an end, Comedy Central decided to release a DVD commemorating the controversial highly unpopular president. This disc doesn't contain anything new, however, it's just a collection of various shows and clips pertaining to this war criminal. I would expect the disc to start out with Lil' Bush, or even the other President Bush-related show That's My Bush, but instead the entertainment is kicked off with an episode of South Park titled Mystery of the Urinal Deuce. I think this was probably the funniest thing on this DVD, but it also was the least related to President Bush. The basic plot has Stan and Kyle trying to find out whether or not the September 11th attacks were really a secret government plot. Bush makes a couple short appearances, attempting to convince the boys that the government is all-powerful and behind every plot you could think of.

Next to play on the DVD is a first-season episode of Lil' Bush, or two half-length episodes if you prefer, as the first season of Lil' Bush split each half hour show into two fifteen minute episodes. The first of these two is titled Iraq, and finds Lil' Bush and his cronies all going to Iraq in order to find the perfect gift for Father's Day. The second episode is titled First Kiss, which is about a bet that Lil' Bush and his cronies make to see who can kiss a girl first. Had Bush just kissed Lil' Condi, they both could have won the bet, and Lil' Condi even points this out several times, but Lil' Bush is too stupid to understand it.

Following Lil' Bush is that short-lived live action show about President Bush, That's My Bush. Rather than making fun of President Bush or political situations, this show instead tries to make fun of Sitcom sterotypes. In this episode, An Aborted Dinner Date, President Bush finds that he has a dinner date scheduled with his wife on the same day that he's hosting a dinner in order to unite members on the two sides of the abortion issue. Thus, finds himself running back in forth between the two dinner situations. We've seen this type of plot before several times on sitcoms, so doing it again doesn't really bring up many laughs, even if it was exaggerated.

The next and final full-length show on this disc is an episode of Lewis Black's Root of all Evil. This focuses not on President Bush, but on Dick Cheney, as Dick is pitted against Paris Hilton do determine who is the root of all evil. Greg Giraldo and Patton Oswalt take on the case, and though Greg Giraldo was good, I absolutely loved Patton Oswalt's arguments. That dude is one great comedian.

Finally there are some short segments, one cartoon called The Last Laugh Squad, and then a few clips from stand-up routines. Finally, we have a short clip of Carlos Mencia, and a couple of quickies from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. So overall they collected a decent amount and variety of material, but most just felt like some mild comedy, like what you would put on TV if you were doing something else, just to have it on in the background.

Comedy Central Salutes George W. Bush was released by Paramount Home Video on October 21, 2008.

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