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Movie Review: Jenny McCarthy's Dirty Love

I hope everyone's ready for a new slapstick gross-out comedy starring the beautiful and talented Jenny McCarthy, because Jenny McCarthy's Dirty Love is here! McCarthy plays the role of Rebecca, a hot blonde professional photographer who's deeply in love with her wonderful, mega-hunky supermodel boyfriend Richard. Ah yes, life is perfect, there is no better feeling than that of true love, knowing that you are destined to spend the rest of your life with this wonderful person... and then she walks in on him doing something that he really shouldn't have been doing, if you know what I mean. Once the shock wears off, the utter devastation starts to creep over her, bringing with it such an unbearable pain that she just can help but to freak out... too bad she was in the middle of a busy sidewalk at the time.

It's here that she eventually stumbles across a small building displaying a neon sign that reads "Psychic". Although not normally the kind of person to take stock in this kind of thing, desperate times call for desperate measures, and so in she goes. Comedian Kathy Griffin plays Madame Belly, the mysterious psychic lady who amazingly senses right off that this distraught yet beautiful woman in all of her smeared make-up glory has recently experienced some kind of extreme heartache. Madame Belly's words of wisdom are that Rebecca will find her true love traveling on a white pony, but that before she finds her love she will first have to face many trials and experiences of love. Yeah... not quite the advice Rebecca was hoping for, and definitely not the kind that'll cheer you up.

Jenny McCarthy's Dirty Love It's times like these that true friends show their worth, and Rebecca's friends are no exception. While Carrie, a sexy yet ditsy wannabe actress goes out shopping with Rebecca to help cheer her up, Michelle, a white beautician who thinks she's black, and John, and avid guitar collector who holds secret feelings for Rebecca, head over to Richard's place to pick up all of Rebecca's photography equipment. Unfortunately, they find that Richard had destroyed all of it. Now, most people would sue, but that wouldn't be very funny now would it? So instead John decides to take a leak on Richard's couch, while Michelle leaves a little gift on his bed... and here's a hint: it's not mud. Meanwhile, back at the shoe store, Carrie convinces Rebecca that the best thing to do right now is to get revenge! Just grab any good looking guy, take him to the fashion show where Richard will be modeling, and make Richard jealous by hanging all over the guy!

Jenny McCarthy's Dirty Love It's a brilliant plan! And things are already starting to look up for Rebecca, for there's a handsome guy right over there in the very same store who has been constantly making eye contact. So she struts right on over, strikes up a conversation, and before you know it he's asking her out on a date... of course, then the guy's wife comes back from the changing room. Sigh. Well, there's still time. She accompanies Carrie to one of her auditions, and checks out the guys in the waiting room. Let's see, guy picking his nose... then eating it. Nope. Guy rubbing pulling on his crotch. Nope. Handsome guy sitting peacefully with a glowing smile... lost in the eyes of the guy sitting next to him who is doing the same thing. Nope. Ah, the next guy's doesn't look so bad... how about him? As so as soon as she makes eye contact, he strikes up a conversation... and... uh... lets just say she wish he hadn't.

Jenny McCarthy's Dirty Love Argh! It seems that Rebecca will never meet a decent guy! And he doesn't even need to be decent, just semi-normal looking for one night! Why is this so hard?! She goes through guy after guy, trying to find a man she's compatible with, and each time discovering how perverted and freakish guys can be. And poor John has to suffer though seeing the disastrous results from each of Rebecca's experiments, because he can't find the courage to tell her how he feels, or because when he does try, Rebecca completely misinterprets it. Bad news for them, but great news for us, the audience, because all of the gross, silly, trashy, and completely absurd characters and situations will have you laughing out loud. Imagine, a guy barfing all over Rebecca's breasts, or a guy bent over with a fish sticking out of his butt, or... nah, that's enough, I don't want to spoil it.

Jenny McCarthy's Dirty Love I can't even remember the last time I saw a movie where a gorgeous woman was at the center of so much slapstick, both dishing it out and taking it. It's a very strange sight to see, but McCarthy plays it very well and makes it fun to watch. The supporting characters are all played like caricatures, very over-the-top, which works great in this National Lampoon style of comedy. But National Lampoon this is not. It was written by McCarthy, and directed by her husband, John Asher, though if someone where to slap the National Lampoon name on it, I wouldn't have been able to tell otherwise. And it's definitely funnier than National Lampoon's Black Ball. Still, I would have liked a little more closure at the end for the supporting characters, but that's just a minor issue with an otherwise very funny movie.

Jenny McCarthy's Dirty Love will be released theatrically in the US on September 23, 2005. It stars Jenny McCarthy as Rebecca, Carmen Electra as Michelle, Eddie Kaye Thomas as John, Kam Heskin as Carrie, Victor Webster as Richard, Kathy Griffin as Madame Belly, and features an appearance by Sum 41 as themselves. Check out the official website for more.

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