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DVD Review: The Drawn Together Movie - The Movie

Drawn Together was cancelled back in 2007, but has recently found new life in a recently released direct-to-DVD movie humorously titled The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie. The whole premise of the movie involves the cast finding out that their show had been cancelled and that they were just never told because the producer enjoyed using the gang to help him... err... lets say, reach climax, by having them do all sorts of weird stuff while he watched. Foxxy starts to realize whats going on when she cusses and it is not bleeped, so when she calls up the network to find out what the deal is and the big wig who cancelled the show finds out that the Drawn Together crew were still living together in the mansion, he sends out a robot named I.S.R.A.E.L. (Intelligent Smart Robot Animation Eraser Lady) to completely erase them!

Luckily they are able to escape in the nick of time, but this is where the gang splits up after they can't agree on what to do next. Clara, believing that she is a real Disney princess, heads off with Captain Hero, Xandir, and Ling-Ling to her kingdom where she believes her father the king will protect them, while Foxxy, Spanky, and Wooldoor head off to find Suck My Taint Girl, who took over their timeslot, in the hopes that she'll have an idea of how to get their show back on the air. And then Toot just steals the van while everyone is arguing and heads off on her own. I liked this split up idea as it allowed for multiple plots to occur before getting the gang all back together.

Like the series used to be, this movie goes for shock value, trying to be as nasty as it can be, which is perfect for a direct-to-dvd film because they can go way further than a television show ever could. In this movie you'll see breasts, full frontal nudity, both male and female, sex, defecation, murder, necrophilia, physical abuse, and probably some other stuff I can't think of at the moment. One of the points of the movie, that they actually point out, is that there is no point. It's crude and gross and nasty just because it is, and not for any other reason. There is no social commentary or message that this movie is trying to convey, and that's what initially turned my off of the show. But once I realized that, the show became much funnier to me, and the movie as well.

The original show was modeled after reality shows, where the characters do challenges and then have short interviews spliced in throughout, and the movie doesn't do much of this, but that's kinda logical since the plot is that the show was cancelled and now they are just trying to find a way to survive the giant robot bent on permanently erasing them all. Oh, and I should mention that the movie is done with Flash Animation where the original series was all hand drawn, so that may throw some people off, but I was okay with it. I'd also like to mention that the DVD menu was pretty good, it's like a parody of a TiVo interface where some offscreen person is inputting the title "Drawn Together" and it comes back with zero episodes.

There are some pretty descent special features here as well:

  • Drawn Together: True Confessionals - Interviews with the cast and creators
  • Drawn Together: The Legacy
  • Anatomy of an Animated Sex Scene - The creators talk about making the sex scene, the full version of which was not in the film, but can be seen in the deleted scenes.
  • Re-Animating Drawn Together: From the Small Screen to the Slightly Bigger Screen
  • D.I.Y. 3-D Glasses - An instructional video on how to make your own 3-D glasses, as shown by a topless woman.
  • Deleted Scenes - Some pretty funny deleted scenes
  • Drawn Together Minisodes

While I don't think this was good enough of a film to get the show renewed, I did enjoy it, especially this one part where the gang is trapped and in order to figure out how to escape they turn on the DVD commentary.

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