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Comic Review: Hatter M: The Looking Glass Wars (Graphic Novel)

It was bound to happen eventually... the Hatter M: The Looking Glass Wars graphic novel is finally here! At first glace I actually thought it was a continuation of the story, but my excitement still remained high after realizing it was a graphic novel. This paperback release contains the first four issues of the Hatter M: The Looking Glass Wars comic by Frank Beddor, Liz Cavalier, and Ben Templesmith. And it's labeled "Volume One", which indicates that the series will indeed continue. Great news for all us Hatter M fans.

The softcover book measures 6 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches, which is smaller than the typical comic book dimensions of 6 1/4 by 10 inches, so this won't line up all nice and neat next to the comics if you have those, but this hardly matters as it belongs on your bookshelf, not in a comic box. The book weighs in at 176 pages, though not all of those are story. In addition to the story, which concludes around page 145, we are also provided with all the extras found in issue 2.5, which is an entire issue dedicated to providing additional information about Hatter M. and his quest.

You can find previews for all four Hatter M issues at the official website. The site also contains a trailer for this graphic novel, and an interview with Ben Templesmith and Frank Beddor. As I've pointed out in my previeous review of these comics, the art and story are both well done... but since I've actually already reviewed this series, I don't think there any point in writing about it all again when you can just read it all there. But if you want the short of it, this is a good book to check this out.

Hatter M: The Looking Glass Wars (Graphic Novel) is published by Desperado Publishing, and was made available starting October 16, 2008.

Image Gallery: Hatter M: Issue 1 Preview

Image Gallery: Hatter M: Issue 2 Preview

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