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DVD Review: Iron Man (Ultimate 2-Disc Edition)

My wife and I saw Iron Man when it was released in the theater, and it was one bad-ass movie. We both thought that it was the best superhero movie we had seen. Better than the Spiderman films, better than Batman Begins and its sequel, The Dark Knight, and better than The Incredible Hulk. Sure, there are plenty of other superhero movies I could mention, but I think these are the best in recent memories. Anywho, Iron Man was recently released on DVD, and we were eager to see the film again, hoping it would be just as when we first saw it. And it totally was! This movie is just frakin' awesome! But a bad-ass movie deserves a kick-ass release... and this Ultimate 2-Disc Edition definitely fits the bill. We couldn't have asked for a better release.

First let me tell you a bit about the movie. Tony Stark is a millionaire playboy, the head of Stark Industries (which develops military weapons), and an extremely brilliant man. But things start to change for ole Stark once he has a particularly bad day, as in he is attacked and injured so seriously by one of his companies own weapons that he had to have a gnarly metallic device surgically implanted into the middle of his chest in order to keep him alive. And on top of that, his captors are forcing him to make one nasty weapon. But Tony know he'll be killed as soon as he completes it, so he starts secretly working on an alternative project....

Iron Man (Ultimate 2-Disc Edition) And out burst IRON MAN! Decked out in a thick suit of metal armor, Tony tears out of his makeshift prison, taking down everyone in his way. Once he gets back to civilization, Tony shuts himself away in his lab to further develop the ideas used in the original super exo-suit design. After several tests and much body ache, the popular red and gold iron man suit that we've all seen in the commercials finally makes its appearance. And Tony's first order of business after he has the suit working is to head back to near where he was held captive and take out all those Stark Industry weapons that somehow ended up in the hands of the bad guys.

Iron Man (Ultimate 2-Disc Edition) Okay, now that the basics of the story are out of the way, lets cover the other stuff. Robert Downey Jr. is perfectly cast as Tony Stark. I couldn't imagine anyone else playing the part. This guy IS Iron Man, no doubt about it. The effects were fantastic as well, never going into the obvious CG realm. Iron Man always felt real, not like some effect, which is exactly how it should be, and extremely difficult to pull off. I mean, I loved Blade II, but there are still instances in that movie where our main character was obviously done in CG in order to pull off a difficult (if not physically impossible) effect. But not in Iron Man. This movie made it all feel real, even when we knew it couldn't be.

Iron Man (Ultimate 2-Disc Edition) What else totally rocks about this film is how the fighting and action scenes were done. They aren't zoomed in so much that you can't really tell what's going on, the camera doesn't constantly shake and zip around in a lame attempt to make the action seem quick when it's not, and they don't try to shove so many of them in there just for the sake of having them. Everything is put together and filmed well, so we can easily tell what's going on at pretty much any given moment, and it all feels like it flows naturally from the story. This kind of complete package is really hard to come by in a motion picture.

Iron Man (Ultimate 2-Disc Edition) Okay, now lets get to all the extras in this release. The first disc which contains the movie also contains deleted and extended scenes, all of which are pretty good, but I can understand why they were cut. The second disc contains a whole load of extra features detailing the entire making of the film. They seem to cover every single aspect of how this movie was put together. This could easily have been a super-boring see-it-all-before, but it's totally not. It's actually all very interesting. I also loved the 6-part history of Iron Man. Before watching this, I really thought I knew about Iron Man... but damn there is so much I was unaware of.

Getting this release is a no-brainer. They have a single-disc edition out there, but you're going to want to pass on that one, as you'll definitely want to see these extra features, and you'll probably want to watch them again at some point.

Disc 1

  • Feature Film
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes

Iron Man (Ultimate 2-Disc Edition) Disc 2

  • I Am Iron Man (7-Part "Making Of" Documentary)
    • The Journey Begins
    • The Suit that makes the Iron Man
    • The Walk of Destruction
    • Grounded In Reality
    • Beneath the Armor
    • It's All in the Details
    • A Good Story, Well Told
  • The Invincible Iron Man (6-Part "History Of The Hero")
    • Origins
    • Friends & Foes
    • The Definitive Iron Man
    • Demon in a Bottle
    • Extremis and Beyond
    • Ultimate Iron Man
  • Wired: The Visual Effects of Iron Man
  • Robert Downey Jr. Screen Test
  • The Actor's Process (scene rehearsal with cast)
  • The Onion "Wildly Popular Iron Man Trailer to be Adapted into Full Length Film"
  • Image Galleries

On a side note, there are actually eight different retail exclusives available:

  • Circuit City - Access to exclusive Marvel Digital Comics featuring the artwork of Adi Granov.
  • Best Buy - Custom Lithograph created by Marvel artist Gerald Parel.
  • Target - Target Deluxe Edition includes exclusive Mark III mask packaging. Available on both the Ultimate 2-Disc Edition and 2-Disc Blu-ray.
  • Costco - Giftset includes the Ultimate 2 Disc Edition DVD and 3 Iron Man Bobbleheads, with all 3 Iron Man suits from the film. Giftset includes the “Battle Damaged Mark II”, available exclusively in this giftset at Costco.
  • Walmart - Two exclusive SKUs. Ultimate 2 Disc Edition packed with an exclusive comic book chronicling the Nick Fury story. The single disc giftset is packed with the 1st episode of the new Iron Man animated series.
  • Kmart & Sears - Save $5 on the Ultimate 2 Disc edition with any $25 Craftsman purchase.
  • Trans World - FYE and Suncoast Exclusive Steelbook Package available on the Ultimate 2- disc Edition.
  • Borders - On pack collectible book featuring original sketches by Bob Layton and the top 24 comic cover of Iron Man.

Iron Man (Ultimate 2-Disc Edition), released by Paramount, is available starting September 30, 2008.

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