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Jim Gaffigan is back with a new stand up special! His previous CD, Beyond the Pale, is one of my all time favorite comedy albums. I own several of his albums, and have heard every one of the bits over and over, and yet I constantly still laugh when I hear them. Yes, this dude is funny! And I'm talking real funny, not like Dane Cook funny. So like his previous special, Beyond the Pale, this one will also be released as a CD, a DVD, and on TV at Comedy Central. Out of the three, I would say get the CD, because that's the one you'll be hearing over and over again. Not that the visual performance is terrible or anything, but let's face it, there aren't any car chases or explosions here.

The benefit of the DVD, besides the extra footage cut from the TV special, is the extras, of which there are quite a few, though most are really nothing to get all worked up about. First up is three episodes Pale Force, the animated show you might recognize from Conan O'Brian. This is probably the best extra on the disc. In it, Jim Gaffigan and Conan O'Brian play superheroes who fight crime using their super pale skin and lasers that shoot from their nipples. Jim is the strong, buff superhero with the deep voice, while Conan is made into a skinny, weak, whiny, girly-man. Jim does the voices for both characters.

Another feature is something called Our Massive Planet, in which Gaffigan plays a zoologist who knows absolutely nothing about animals. Basically, we see a bunch of Animal Planet type footage while behind the camera someone asks Jim questions about the animals that he does not properly answer. It's mildly amusing, but nothing to write home about. Lets see, then there is a fake interview which really isn't all that amusing. I much prefer real interviews, where we can get past the act and get into the real person. Good news is, there's also a real interview here, and it was definitely much more enjoyable than the fake one.

Next there is something called Atlanta: Meet and Greet on Demand. This was a collection of mini-interviews with Jim about his upcoming performance in Atlanta mixed in with fan sound bytes out in the lobby before the show begins and showing the stage being set up whatnot. It's was alright. Finally, we have a bunch of the advertisement spots for a couple of his tours. There are nine for his The Sexy Tour, eleven for his Beyond The Pale tour. Again, they're just okay.

Now, the stand up. The stand up routines are great. I'd say not quite as good as Beyond the Pale, but pretty close. I think his riff on bacon will probably become as popular as his riff on Hot Pockets. Once again he tackles topics relating to food and laziness, and of course he uses his hypothetical audience member commentary throughout his routine, though he seemed not to use it quite as much as usual. At any rate, it's kind of hard to go in-depth with a review about a stand up comedy routine, so here's a clip... enjoy!

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