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DVD Review: Comedy Central's Kenny Vs. Spenny Uncensored - Volume One

Kenny Vs. Spenny is a sort-of reality show that started airing on Comedy Central back last year sometime. I didn't catch it then as the commercials didn't make it look all too appealing, but then I learned that it actually had several seasons prior to joining Comedy Central, so now it's just been released on DVD I decided to check it out. For those who missed the commercials, the show is about these two best friends, Kenny and Spenny, who have a competition each episode about some thing or another, and usually it's something weird and/or gross. For instance, the competition on the first episode on this DVD release was whoever gets an erection first loses. Wow. So the whole episode I get to see close up crotch shots of these two out-of-shape dudes wearing all too revealing thong underwear. Not really my idea of a good time. And the second episode? Oh, well that contest was just to see who could blow the biggest fart.

Thankfully, some of the episodes get a better after that, with competitions like who can make the best viral video, who can commit the most crime, and who can withstand the most torture. And I totally loved Kenny's devious plan in the competition on who could be tied to a goat the longest. That was just genius. But really, the comedy here is supposed to come not just from the competition, but also from the relationship and interaction between these two best friends. With Kenny being a total gross-out guy in the typical frat-boy style and Spenny being the typical straight man who takes everything seriously, one would expect humor to practically spew forth with little effort... and yet, I only found myself laughing some of time, and other times just shaking my head. The personality clash felt less like The Odd Couple and much more like Kenny just being a total jerk to Spenny and Spenny getting all angry about it. Even after watching all these episodes, it's hard to imagine these guys as friends, much less best friends.

Anyway, so each episode starts out with Kenny and Spenny on their couch explaining to the camera what the competition is for this week. Once that's out of the way, each guy has their own personal camera crew follow them around showing their various attempts at winning the competition. Usually both guys have some good ideas during the course of the competition on how to either win or make the other guy lose. As an example I once again refer to the goat episode where Kenny uses a little remote control truck to freak out Spenny's goat. And I won't even mention his brilliant end-game in that episode. Those parts I like. But they are sporadically peppered throughout the episodes, and there's not quite enough of them. Remember, after all, that we also get the nasty and un-funny shots such as close up shots of goats peeing and defecating, and Kenny vomiting, farting, and peeing. Oh, and don't even get me started on how annoying the First Guy To Stop Singing Loses competition was.

As with most any show, there are good parts and not so good parts. This one is crude, it's gross, disgusting, contains foul language, and personal silly competitions that only goofballs could think up. Usually, I'm all for that stuff, but unfortunately it just didn't work all that well for me here. I had a few laughs per episode, and some episodes were definitely funnier than others, but I would expect more. This just isn't enough for me, as when I watch comedy, I want to constantly be amused, not just on occasion. So I can't really give this a glowing recommendation. But it is unique, and has some funny and interesting moments, so I wouldn't say to stay away. If you have the chance to check out an episode or two, go ahead and do so, but don't drop a lot of bones on the complete season until you know for sure that this is your cup of tea.

Disc 1

  • First Guy To Get A Boner Loses
    In this premiere episode, Kenny goes to great lengths to arouse Spenny. Unable to achieve his goal, Kenny decides the only way to win the competition is to have a bone-off at a strip club, where he chooses a non-traditional exotic dancer for Spenny.
  • Who Can Blow The Biggest Fart?
    After numerous false starts, Kenny comes up with an unbeatable system (F.A.R.T.) that drives the normally honest Spenny to cheat and eat some of Kenny's chill. However, unbeknownst to Spenny, Kenny has anticipated this and puts anti-gas pills in the chili.
  • Who Can Produce The Best Viral Video?
    The guys challenge each other to see who can create the more successful viral video. Unable to come up with any good ideas, Spenny becomes desperate and resorts to a self-humiliating act.
  • Who Can Eat More Meat?
    Kenny tries to gross Spenny out by eating all kinds of oful meat, but his plan backfires when he ends up sickening himself. Could this be the week that Spenny finally wins and Kenny is forced to do the humiliation?
  • First Guy To Get A Stain Loses
    Once again, while Spenny tries to play it straight, Kenny will use any means necessary to win... even if he has to rewrite the rules int he middle of the competition.

Disc 2

  • Who Can Be Tied To A Goat The Longest
    Kenny's genius is in full effect in this contest as he takes advantage of Spenny's absence from the house to wreak total and utter havoc on all of Spenny's possessions.
  • Who Can Handle More Torture?
    In this week's episode, the guys' roles are reversed as Spenny takes an unaccustomed early lead in the competition, but is this all part of Kenny's diabolical plan?
  • First Guy To Stop Singing Loses
    In one of their more annoying contests to date, Kenny and Spenny decide to have a singing contest. When it doesn't seem like there's going to be a winner for awhile, Kenny decides to take matters into his own hands.
  • Who Can Be Obese The Longest?
    The guys don fat suits that weigh 80 pounds and it quickly becomes apparent that Spenny is overmatched. A Hitchockian-like surprise occurs at the end, leading to an ever grosser-than-usual humiliation for the lsoer.
  • Who Can Commit The Most Crime?
    Spenny's adherence to taking the moral high ground provides a serious setback to his chances of winning this challenge. However, will Kenny's blatant disregard for the law ultimately prove his undoing?

Extras include full versions of the viral vides that the pair made, and some commentaries, which are actually pretty interesting.

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