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DVD Review: Lil' Bush - Resident of United States - Season Two

The second season of Lil' Bush continues the tradition of making all of today's political players into little kids, but it also mixes things up a bit. Unlike the first season which broke each half hour show into two episodes, season two lets each show be a full blown episode, which really helps to allow for more developed stories. This also means that now we are only subjected to one song per show instead of two... definitely a change for the better in my book, since I always found those to be the weakest part of the episode.

Season two also expands on the total number of shows, clocking in at ten instead of first season's six. Definitely a better value for those purchasing the DVD. This season also adds some new characters, such as Lil Obama, Lil' Fred Thompson, Lil' Karl Rove, and Lil' Giuliani... at least I think they are new to this season. I don't remember seeing them in the first season, but then I don't remember a whole lot about it either. At any rate, they do make an impression here.

One of the first things I noticed when watching these DVDs is that it is definitely uncut. I was a bit surprised the first time I heard the swearing. I don't remember that in the first season. But it does make some of the jokes funnier, and puts a harder edge on the show, which I think is yet another of the improvements. So yeah, I definitely enjoyed this season more than the first, but I still don't consider it a great series. It's a decent time-waster, but not something I'll miss if it doesn't come back for a third season.

As for extra features, disc two contains audio commentaries for all of the episodes. These are better than many a commentary I've listed to, but still can't compare to those found on The Simpsons, which are some of the best I've seen. The first disc only contains a single commentary for the episode Big Pharma. Guess they didn't feel the other episodes were worth it. Disc one does contain a viral video though, which is just like a low-budget youtube-style music video with some hot chick singing about Lil' Bush. Personally, I didn't find it that viral. Also on disc 1 are some webclips, which are just various short clips. The first is a guy talking a little about the show, while the rest are short cartoons, some that really have nothing to do with Lil' Bush, and some that do.

If you've seen this season on television, there isn't really a reason to pick this set up. Otherwise, it may be worth a rental.

The episodes included in this two-disc set are:

  1. St. Patrick's Day
  2. Big Pharma
  3. Crony Break-Up
  4. Katrina
  5. Three Dates
  6. Weekend at Saddamy's
  7. Afghanistan
  8. Wedding
  9. Pooty-Poot
  10. Anthem/China

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