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DVD Review: Robot Chicken DC Comics Special (Blu-ray)

I love Robot Chicken, and I loved this DC Comics Special when it aired on Adult Swim. If you're not familiar with Robot Chicken, it's a show that primarily uses stop-motion animation on action figures and other fictional characters for short, sometimes vulgar, comedy bits. This particular episode focuses exclusively on DC Comics characters, and is quite hilarious, but unfortunately it's only 23 minutes long, the length of two standard Robot Chicken episodes. I could have sworn there were multiple DC Comics specials but either I was wrong about that or they just didn't include any others. You'd think they'd put more than one 23-minute episode on a freaking Blu-ray, even if the other episodes weren't DC related. So, that was really disappointing.

Thankfully, there is more content here in the form of extra features:

  • The Making of Robot Chicken DC Comics Special
  • Robot Chicken DC Comics Special's Aquaman Origin Story
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Writers' Commentary
  • Actors' Commentary
  • DC Entertainment Tour
  • Stoopid Alter Egos
  • Outtakes
  • Deleted Sketches
  • Questions & Answers

All those extras clock in at over two hours, so if you're buying this instead of just renting it on Netflix or something then you won't feel totally ripped off. There are two commentaries, one with the writers and one with the actors, and then a popup fun facts kinda thing, so there's good reasons to give the episode multiple viewings. But again, it's just too bad there's not more episodes, as a lot of times I like to just put something on in the background and let it play all the way through for a couple ours.

Anyway, for new stuff to watch, there's The Making Of, the DC Entertainment Tour, Outtakes, Deleted Sketches, and others which I've already listed above. I really enjoyed the Making Of featurette, but what I found funny was that it contains actual non-bleeped cussing while in the show all cussing is bleeped. I kinda thought we'd get to hear the actual cursing on home video, but nope. Doesn't really matter though, as bleeping the naughty words doesn't make it any less funny, and sometimes it can even make it more funny. The DC Entertainment Tour is also pretty cool, and kinda reminded me of the office where I used to work.

So this is a funny episode and definitely worth watching, but you may want to hold off on actually buying until the price drops because the list price of $19.89 seems WAY high for a blu-ray with a single 23-minute episode, even if there are a ton of extra features.

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