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Robot Chicken Season 7 is here on DVD and like all the previous seasons it is fantastic! And like the others I can't really provide a plot summary because there is no plot, just a bunch of quick sketches usually featuring toys from 80s and 90s cartoons, TV shows, and movies. There was one exception to this, however, in the Bitch Pudding Special which was one complete story about the attempted assassination of Strawberry Shortcake character Bitch Pudding.

The season starts with the series creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, in toy form, attending an orgy like the one in Eyes Wide Shut in an attempt to get the show un-canceled. The show was never actually canceled, however, it's just a joke they put in the season finales for a bunch of the seasons. I've seen this sketch probably 10 times and I still laugh out loud every time they keep saying "fidelio". Yeah, it makes no sense out context but is hilarious in the show.

There are 19 episodes in season 7, and at about 11 minutes per episode that adds up to a little over 3 hours of show. That's not bad, but then they also included audio commentaries for every episode plus a bunch of other extra features. There are several featurettes, cut sketches, the making of the Bitch Pudding Special, and a Christmas Special. That's a lot of content and it's all entertaining which makes this DVD a great value.

Film Clip: Favorites From The Room


  1. G.I. Jogurt
  2. Link's Sausages
  3. Secret of the Booze
  4. Rebel Appliance
  5. Legion of Super-Gyros
  6. El Skeletorito
  7. Snarfer Image
  8. Up, Up, and Buffet
  9. Panthropologie
  10. Catdog on a Stick
  11. Super Guitario Center
  12. Noidstrom Rack
  13. Stone Cold Steve Cold Stone
  14. Walking Dead Lobster
  15. Victoria's Secret of NIMH
  16. Bitch Pudding Special
  17. Batman Forever 21
  18. The Hobbit: There and Bennigan's
  19. Chipotle Miserables

Extra Features:

  • Commentaries from show creators and cast
  • Born Again Virgin Christmas Special
  • The Ones That Got Away - Featurette about deleted sketches
  • Beneath Harv’s Beard - A guy gets shaved after losing a bet
  • Favorites from the Room - the show creators talk about their favorite sketches
  • The Gummy Bear Challenge - this is pretty self explanatory
  • Stoopid Buddy Stodios Takes San Diego Comic Con - They go to Comic Con
  • Cut Sketches
  • The Making of Bitch Pudding Special

Film Clip: The One That Got Away

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