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DVD Review: South Park - The Complete Eleventh Season

Normally after a show is lucky enough to have make it for a full eleven seasons, the episodes tend to feel either stale or absurd. Thankfully, South Park is one of the very rare exceptions to this generality. After 11 years, South Park is still as funny as it was when it originally found itself on the air. Of course, each season has its standout episodes, and it's lackluster ones, but the funny bone ratio is quite good, with typically only a couple episodes falling short of complete hilarity. And even those episodes are better than any of the recent Simpsons shows, which seriously needs some fresh genius writers to get it off life support. So while The Simpsons is flailing, South Park remains focused on bringing simple laughs and underlying life lessons. In fact, I would go so far as to call it the funniest animated show on television.

The premier episode for this season is titled Apologies to Jesse Jackson, and finds Randy at the final puzzle on that ever so popular game so Wheel Of Fortune. It's a six letter word and Randy gets every letter filled in except for the first vowel, and the clue is "People Who Annoy You". Unfortunately, he not only guesses wrong, but stirs up a huge controversy and causes almost everybody to look down on him, if not outright hate his guts. And this has seriously got to be one of the funniest scenes of the whole season. Anyway, Randy and his family have to spend the rest of the episode trying to come to terms and making up for what he said.

The second episode of the season is title Cartman Sucks, and is probably not anywhere close to what you would expect it to be about. Cartman tries to pull another one of his practical jokes on Butters, and although he succeeds, he then learns that his joke has actually put himself in a compromising position. So believing that Kyle actually has the compromising photograph, Cartman spends the rest of the episode trying desperately to get it back. Meanwhile, the practical joke gets Butters sent to a special camp to help clear up Butter's "confusion"... which, of course, only makes Butters way more confused.

Episode tres, Lice Capades finds a breakout of lice in South Park Elementary, and Cartman leading the task force to find out who has the head cooties so that everyone can make fun of them. What they don't know is that as the fingers point, the lice are experiencing their own epic disaster. One specific lice (louse?) realizes that their world is coming to an end and works to save his people, which proves to be difficult as he is ridiculed and shunned for his ideas. Although still quite funny, I think was probably one of the weaker episodes from this season.

In episode four, The Snuke is yet another parody of that hit show, 24. I don't know how many I've seen so far, but this is definitely one of the better ones. It seems Hillary Clinton is coming to South Park, and Cartman is suspicious of a new Muslim student. Thinking that this meek little kid is planning a terrorist attack, Cartman does his best to extract more information, but what he finds out may turn out to be bigger than even he imagined!

The fifth episode, Fantastic Easter Special, is a basically a parody of The Da vinci Code and National Treasure. Little Stan Marsh asks what coloring and hiding eggs has to do with Easter, but instead of an innocent answer he sees his dad get agitated at the question. Soon Stan sets off in a quest to find the answers, but his journey will take him places he never could have guessed, and it all leads to a shocking and absolutely hilarious ending.

This is already getting kind of long, so I think I better start condensing. Episode six, D-Yikes, has Ms. Garrison discovering the pleasure of women, while Cartman and the gang find a quick and easy way to get their homework assignments done. In episode seven, Night of the Living Homeless, South Park is overrun by homeless people and it's up to the boys to find a solution to the issue since all the adults seem to be incompetent. Episode eight, Le Petit Tourette, is probably one of the funniest this season, as Eric Cartman learns about Tourette's Syndrome and decides to take full advantage of it. Episode nine, More Crap is probably one of the oddest as Randy Marsh tries to set the world record for the biggest crap.

The final disc contains all three episodes of Imaginationland, which is absoltuely side-splitting, but since I already reviewed it I won't go over it all again. Episode 13, Guitar Queer-o, takes the whole typical rock band formation, breakup, and reunion and puts it into the boys' lives as they become stars of a popular guitar videogame based on Guitar Hero. And finally we have episode fourteen, The List, where the boys learn of a list that the girls have which rank the boys in order of cuteness. But none of them are prepared for the results when they steal the list, and it becomes apparent to certain individuals that corruption is afoot.

Extra features include commentaries by series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, plus some short segments of other Comedy Central shows. So not heavy on the extras, but they're not bad, and certainly better than nothing. Overall, another well done season by the South Park team.

Disc 1

  • With Apologies To Jesse Jackson
  • Cartman Sucks
  • Lice Capades
  • The Snuke
  • Fantastic Easter Special

Disc 2

  • D-Yikes
  • Night of the Living Homeless
  • Le Petit Tourette
  • More Crap

Disc 3

  • Imaginationland
  • Imaginationland, Episode II
  • Imaginationland, Episode III
  • Guitar Queer-o
  • The List

South Park - The Complete Eleventh Season was released by Paramount Home Video on August 12, 2008. It was written and directed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and features the voices of Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Mary Kay Bergman, Eliza Schneider, Gracie Lazar, and Mona Marshall.

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